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14 Oct 2015


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At the start of the new millennium, Ace Vintage Systems installed a Martin Audio modular sound system at the Medicine Bar in Birmingham. Numerous high-profile acts subsequently played on the system, including Pete Doherty in 2004.

Alex Czechowski, who runs Ace Vintage Systems, is dedicated to keeping alive the fidelity of Martin Audio’s classic analogue systems of yesteryear.

Alex stated: “We are always refining and developing our totally analogue Martin Audio modular sound system. The system scales beautifully and has been used for various clubs and events, where promoters are looking for a warm and clear sound.”

Now at the end of September 2015 Ace Vintage Systems has completed an installation at Fixxion Warehouse Project in Wolverhampton.

Fixxion is a unique and adaptable venue — a multi-purpose creative space set on three floors covering 7,000 sq. ft, which will drive forward innovative new music.

Six Martin Audio 215 Mk3 bass bins and three Martin Audio MH212 Philishaves are being used per side, running in a five-way active configuration.

This totally analogue system is powered by BGW Grand Touring amplifiers, together with Klark Teknik and BSS signal processing.

Speaking to Alex Czechowski following a sound check, venue owner Steve Heart described the PA as “a monster system.”

Medicine Bar (Photo credit Alex Czechowski)
Pete Doherty in 2004 (Photo credit Andrew Kendall)
Fixxion (Photo credit Dom Cook)

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