Design Philosophy

Martin Audio products are more than just a box. The design philosophy places emphasis on the subjective sound experience as well as technical excellence. Led by Martin Audio’s highly respected Research & Development Director, Jason Baird, the R & D team works to produce the ultimate product for every application, with the conviction that the correct sound characteristics should be inherent in the acoustic design, not dependent on subsequent electronic correction.

The cornerstone of Martin Audio's success has always been commitment to quality. Only the best quality materials and components are used. Martin Audio enclosures are manufactured primarily in wood with its natural acoustic qualities and good look. They are reinforced where appropriate and finished with care and attention to detail to ensure we meet our customers' desire for durability, ease of handling and manoeuvrability.

World Class Team

The company's prestigious UK headquarters at High Wycombe houses dedicated research & development facilities, manufacturing processes, demonstration suite, warehousing, management, sales and customer support offices. More than 40 dedicated distributors, backed by on-going training and support, serve individual countries throughout Europe, the Far East, the USA, Australia and other growing markets around the world.

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