Micro-line array

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OmniLine® delivers consistent audio coverage with unprecedented accuracy in a wide variety of architectural environments, using only one amplifier channel per array in many applications. By utilising a complement of unique, Martin Audio designed drivers, and mechanical alignment techniques, simple EQ and Limiting is the only processing required. A powerful software application provides extremely accurate intercabinet and array angles, in order to achieve optimum coverage over a predefined area. OmniLine's aesthetically pleasing cabinet is finished in neutral light grey.

Each OmniLine array is constructed by connecting together multiple array modules. Up to 32 modules can be connected where both high output and vertical focussing down to low/mid frequencies are required. Smaller numbers of modules (down to 4) can be used for shorter-throw applications, where vertical focussing of these frequencies is less important.

Rather than applying DSP to a traditional column, OmniLine’s vertical beam-forming is achieved by physically articulating individual array modules to curve the array. The actual array configuration for a specific venue is determined by powerful, patent pending optimisation software which makes intelligent judgements about the ‘goodness’ of the array’s SPL distribution against objective target functions.

OmniLine uses a line of five custom-designed dome tweeters, with a spacing of only 21mm between each element. The result is sidelobe-free vertical dispersion from the high frequency section.

The ‘cones’ of the custom-designed LF drivers are sculpted from an ultra-light, stiff material and precisely follow the ideal contour of the HF horn walls (patent pending). This provides constant horizontal directivity from low mid, right up to extreme high frequencies.


  • Churches, Museums, Sports venues, Conference centres,
  • Theatres, Auditoria, Shopping malls, Transport terminals,
  • Concert halls, Bars, Restaurants, Lecture theatres
Technical Specification – View

Technical Specifications: One Module

TYPE Two-way micro-line array module
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (5) 85Hz-20kHz ± 3dB -10dB @ 76Hz
DRIVERS 2 x 3.5" (87mm)/1" (25mm) voice coil LF drivers
5 x 0.55" (14mm) soft dome tweeters
RATED POWER (2) 50W AES, 200W peak
RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER 100W-200W in to 16 ohms
SENSITIVITY (6) 84dB at LF rising to 92dB at HF
MAXIMUM SPL (7) 104dB continuous, 110dB peak
DISPERSION (-6dB) 100º horizontal, 5º vertical
CROSSOVER 2.5 kHz passive
ENCLOSURE 4 litre ported cabinet, moulded in ABS
FINISH Light grey
PROTECTIVE GRILLE Light grey perforated steel
CONNECTORS 4 pole socket
PIN CONNECTIONS +/- in, +/- link out
FITTINGS Captive inter-connecting bracket assembly
6 x M8 fixings for wall and flying brackets
DIMENSIONS (W) 246mm x (H) 115mm x (D) 198mm
(W) 9.7ins x (H) 4.5ins x (D) 7.8ins
WEIGHT 3.6kg (7.9lbs)

Technical Specifications: Array

No. of modules 4 8 16 32
Sensitivity (6),(2.83V) 96dB 96dB 102dB 102dB
Impedance 4 ohms 8 ohms 4 ohms 8 ohms
Power handling(Watts, AES) 200 cont. 400 cont. 800 cont. 1600 cont.
800 peak 1600 peak 3200 peak 6400 peak
Maximum SPL (cont./peak) 116dB/122dB 122dB/128dB 128dB/134dB 134dB/140dB
Max coveragedistance 8-12m 16-25m 25-40m 45-60m
Array length 0.47m 0.94m 1.9m 3.7m
Array mass 14.4kg 28.8kg 57.6kg 115.2kg

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