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28TH MAR 2006

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TechnoPro LLC, Martin Audio's distributor in the UAE, provided line array reinforcement for the recent performance by Denmark's DJ Aligator, accompanied by a four-piece band and six dancers.
Promoted by Future Nights, the event took place at The Lodge in Dubai - a chilled-out open-air location, with a raised circular dancefloor covered by a conical roof truss - and a capacity for more than 3,000 people.
The event principle was Nabil Bourgeili and the project manager, responsible for the design, implementation, co-ordination of the technical supplies was Sujoy Cherian. This included eight W8LC enclosures, reinforced by four WLX subs, controlled through Martin Audio's dedicated DX1. The system was powered by QSC, and TechnoPro, for whom Kiran Pinto was audio technician, provided a full and eminent specification of DJ playback equipment (including three Technics decks and three Pioneer CDJ 1000's), automated lighting and 5W laser.
The staging came from Nivoflex in Germany and the special effects from Showeffects, while TechnoPro's Elie Khader, Zlatko Kozic and Sujoy Cherian took responsibility for lighting, lasers and FX respectively).

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