Optimisation, Control, Monitoring and Firmware

Below you will find access to our optimisation, control and monitoring software solutions as well as access to available firmware updates.

Recommended operating systems are Windows 7 only, with the exception that Display 2.3 and Vu-Net 2.1 can use Windows 10.

Use of other operating systems is not directly supported for any Martin Audio software.

For any advice please contact a member of the Product Support Group.

MLA and Wavefront Precision Systems

File Description Download Userguide

Display 2.3.1

Prediction and optimisation for MLA, Wavefront Precision & O-Line systems.

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VU-NET Software

Control and Monitoring for MLA, Wavefront Precision, CDD-LIVE, DD12 and XE Monitors.

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Original Wavefront Line Array Systems

File Description Download Userguide

Display 1.7

2D and 3D design software for Wavefront Line Array Systems. For access to Display 1.7 please contact a member of the Product Support Group.


Basic Line Array design and prediction software for use with Martin Audio Wavefront Line Array Systems.



File Description Download Userguide


Firmware update 1.1.13 available via VU-NET.
Important Release Notes for updating CDD-LIVE! firmware.

Ceiling Series

File Description Download Userguide

Ceiling Speaker Wizard

Essential design application for calculating quantity, position and performance of Martin Audio ceiling speakers.


Amplifier and Control

File Description Download Userguide

VU-NET Software 2.1

Control and Monitoring for MLA, Wavefront Precision,
CDD-LIVE, DD12 and XE Monitors.

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DX0.5 Software 1.0.4

Latest software for popular DX0.5 controller, including pre-sets for CDD, Blackline+ and BlacklineX.


MA NetControl 1.2.0

Remote monitoring for the MA4.8Q and MA6.8Q installation amplifiers.


MA Control Manager 2.2.23

Application for the control and monitoring of Martin Audio K Series amplifiers and the ASX Powered Subwoofer.


Engineer Mk1 1.09

Original Engineer software used with all Engineer 418 up to September 2009.


Engineer Mk2 1.42

Latest Engineer software for all Engineer models from September 2009 onwards and all models which have had a firmware upgrade to the latest version.


Engineer Firmware Loader 1.4.0

Desktop application for upgrading or restoring the firmware in any model engineer.


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