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10TH FEB 2015

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Audio and lighting hire company Avensys, are continuing the expansion of their Martin Audio inventory and have added to their recent Martin Audio DD6 purchase with a brand new Martin Audio W8VDQ system from Old Barn Audio.

Following a demonstration of the Martin Audio W8VDQ and Martin Audio MLA Mini at the notorious round-room that is The Effingham Park, Jason Hartnoll, Head of Live Events at Avensys, asked Phil Clark of Old Barn Audio to design a scalable system for them based around the Martin Audio W8VDQ enclosure. With the intentions of looking to expand even further with a full-scale Martin Audio W8LM system a little further down the road, Old Barn Audio specified 4 x Martin Audio WS18X subs along with the pair of Martin Audio W8VDQ point-source line array boxes.

Jason added 'being able to take our recent purchase of Martin Audio DD6's out with a pair of subs and then take the Martin Audio W8VDQ's out with a pair of subs independently, makes purchasing four single Martin Audio WS18X subs more flexible than the Martin Audio WS218X'.

The new Martin Audio W8VDQ system is powered and controlled by all Martin Audio products pre-wired in a turn-key style rack with MA12K, MA5.2K, MA2.0 and DX2.

Having higher-powered amplifiers has given Avensys the opportunity to purchase their new Martin Audio W8LM system and extra Martin Audio WS218X subs without the need for upgrading their amplifiers and control – investing now whilst looking towards the future.

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