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26TH JUL 2007

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Hanover, MD––With 'seven bars, a restaurant, pool tables, sand and palm trees, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, two stages, and large dance floors all under one roof!' Cancun Cantina has what it takes to redefine the country/rock and roll club experience for a growing list of fans in Maryland, D.C. and the surrounding area.

The club's popularity––a second version, Cancun Cantina West, is located in West Hagerstown––is based on the facilities and the fact that it offers top national and local country, rock, and top 40 bands while the deejays spin the latest dance mixes in the smaller bars, with Main Bar offering, as they put it, 'kicking country music, hardwood floors, and plenty of dancing all night long!'

With an equal parts mixture of new country and southern rock, Cancun is primarily a dance club with urban cowboys and cowgirls flocking to this line- dancing, Garth-Brooks-loving corner of the woods. On Saturday nights, Cancun Cantina features a wide dance floor for hot stepping and line dancing. Or patrons can cosy up to the wooden barrels circling the floor to grab a beer from the Daisy-Duke-clad waitresses. Other highlights include the "Best Body" contest on Friday nights.

MHA, based in West Hagerstown as it happens, recently did a profound upgrade of the Cantina's main speaker system with Martin Audio, specifically choosing the W8LM mini line arrays to the audio quality and impact to a higher level.

As owner Mike Scarfe points out, 'For the overall system, Cancun Cantina uses a local sound company named Metro Events which is owned by Les Slaybaugh. When the club had a fire, they decided to use that opportunity to upgrade both the decor and the sound system.

'We did the Main Bar, which is where the top local and national acts are featured. The speakers included the W8LM line arrays, the newer W8LMi, which are the install versions, three of those a side and one W8LMD downfill a side. We also used a Blackline F10 for side coverage and two Blackline 2x18 subs a side.

'The beauty of the W8MD,' he continues, 'is that you don't need any front fill at all, just use the downfill boxes because it's only eight feet off the ground but covers all the way to the downstage edge.

Continuing the story, Scarfe adds, 'Slaybaugh had been impressed with the Martin Audio speakers after seeing them being used in local live concert events so we collaborated on a system that would be appropriate for the venue.

'They wanted to speakers to be flown and we had a very low ceiling in there so the W8LM really came into play there because it packs a big punch into 36 inches, and it can easily cover the 60 foot depth in the club. Sometimes the people are line dancing with a country band or doing other kind of dancing with rock bands. When it's a band, Les just brings in his FOH and monitor rig and plugs it straight into the P.A.'

Asked for the client's reaction to the new speaker system, Scarfe points out that, 'they were very happy and have asked me to give them a proposal for the second club in West Hagerstown.'

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