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5TH APR 2007

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Following succesful line-array installations in Belgian concert halls such as Roma in Borgerhout (W8L/W8LD) and the AMT complex in Antwerp (W8LM), cultural centres are becoming more and more intrigued by what Martin Audio line arrays have to offer.

Not alone, another new venue called the KUUB (De Warande's second hall in Turnhout) has also recently been equipped as venues seek ever more demanding technical facilities that will meet today's specifications on sound quality and coverage.

Martin Audio territorial distributors, Ampco Belgium, report that after careful market investigation, followed by a W8LM demo, it became clear that this would provide the best solution for De Schakel's main hall in Waregem. Measuring 19m wide and 20m deep, the 536 seats stretch right down to the front of the stage - thus to give every seat almost identical sound quality and coverage was no easy task. But the W8LM Line Array concept proved it could cope with this demand and deliver from a small footprint precisely what the customer wanted.

Local supplier, installer and rental company Big Dynamic was appointed by De Schakel directors to supervise the project. Because Johan Van Dorpe (owner of Big Dynamic) was already a long time supplier of the venue it was logical that he should oversee this project. Being a long-term Martin Audio user (originally with F2 and more recently W8LM in his rental stock) gave De Schakel additional confidence in the brand.

Van Dorpe co-operated closely with Frank D'Haene (De Schakel's technical director), Steven Vandendriessche (sound director) and the Ampco Belgium project division in selecting the installation version of the W8LM. Three W8LMI's and a W8LMDI (Downfill) were installed on each side, mounted on custom-developed flying hardware, with additional WS2A subs flown next to the Line Array clusters to free the stage and ground floor. To give the front rows a perfect sound and coverage, and to bring the soundscape a bit lower than normal, four mobile WT15's are installed on the front stage apron during concerts to provide near-fills.

The whole system is powered by the new Crest CC range amplifiers and XTA DP448 controllers and for stage monitoring De Schakel opted for Martin Audio LE1200 floor monitors, which will be augmented in the near future due to their success.

Frank D'Haene concludes, 'This investment in a high quality fixed sound system is the best decision I have made during my time in De Schakel. It is fantastic to get compliments from artists who perform here; they feel at ease, and more and more rental companies that tour with these artists leave their equipment in the truck and use ours instead. That's a real compliment!'

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