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24TH MAY 2013

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Canadian 'melodic punk rockers' Billy Talent recently wrapped up an arena tour in their home country with Delicate Productions providing the main PA, which consisted of Martin Audio's MLA system, and the band's long-time collaborators Metal Works in charge of monitors and FOH.

The eclectic four-piece who've been together since 1993 starting out as Pezz and later changing their name for legal reasons, consists of Ben Kowalewicz (lead vocals), Ian D'Sa (lead guitar), Jon Gallant (bass) and Aaron Solowoniuk (drums).

Opening acts for the tour included Sum41, Hollerado and Indian Handcrafts while the band, Metal Works and Delicate maintained a positive collaboration for what proved to be very successful tour.

The main PA was comprised of 14 Martin Audio MLA cabinets and one MLD (downfill) flown on each side of the stage with 12 W8LC per side for left and right side PA, 12 MLX subs floor-stacked and eight W8LM cabinets along the downstage edge for in-fill/out-fill. Martin Audio MA 4.2 amplifiers were used to power the side and infill/outfill systems.

Crew for the show included Bob Strakele (FOH engineer) and Matt Blakely (Production manager/monitor engineer) from the band, Al Woods (Audio crew chief), Kenny Kaiser (MLA tech) from Delicate and Luke Purchase (FOH/monitor tech) from Metal Works.

Asked about MLA's performance during the tour, Woods said, 'The MLA is a fabulous system, super easy to fly and extremely powerful. It sounds great and amazingly even throughout the venue. We get so used to other systems tailing off in bigger venues, but this fella' never ceased to surprise.'

Photo Caption (left to right): Kenny Kaiser, Luke Purchase, Al Woods, Ben Kowalewicz (lead vocals, Billy Talent), Bob Strakele

Photo credit: Dustin Rabin Photography


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