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6TH NOV 2017

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Around 1,000 dance aficionados arrived at the Dürlin Budapest Event and Performance Space in Hungary recently to celebrate Bladerunnaz, the traditional annual opening of the Autumn/Winter season.

To ensure that one of the country's premier Drum & Bass events made its usual impact on the dancefloor, service company (and Martin Audio partner) BG Event supplied its premier MLA Compact PA system.

BG Event has a long history with Bladerunnaz, dating back to the mid 90's. This is when BG's owner started to support the newly formed promoters with some iconic gigs featuring high profile names such as Goldie, Loxy, Ink, Kemal and DJ Fresh to name but a few.

And according to BG Event's Balázs Szentiványi, the promoters opted for Martin Audio's groundbreaking technology on the basis of having experienced MLA Compact on the Drum & Bass stage at the recent Balaton Sound festival, which they also promote.

And theyare certainly discerning when it comes to sound. A collective of Drum & Bass DJs, they promote regular club events during the winter season and also throw open-air parties and festivals such as Balaton during the summer time.

'We knew that MLA Compact, accompanied by the mighty MLX subs, would unquestionably provide the ultimate gear for such a bass-heavy event,' continued Balazs. 'Due to MLA's sonic capabilities over the full spectrum it was an ideal choice. We were able to use the special features of the MLA system, the SPL optimisation, leakage prevention, and 'hard avoid'.

'There is no acoustic damping in the room so that we had to avoid slapback from the rear, using the unique control - as this is something that bothers artists and crowd alike.' The system design was in the capable hands of BG's long serving system engineer, Viktor Meszaros.

This provided the perfect setting for headliners such as Ed Rush, Phace, DLR, The Sect and Akov. And as there was no SPL restriction in the venue, they were able to reach a maximum SPL of around 105dB at the centre of the dancefloor.

The MLA Compact arrays were rigged in a traditional Left/Right formation, four elements per side, with the MLX subwoofers in a conventional stack, two pieces on each flank. The subs were driven at a constant 80-90% capacity to reflect the sub-heavy genre of the music.

The main PA was supported by Martin Audio CDD-LIVE 12 for nearfill, and a pair of LE1500 for DJ monitoring, with two WS218X for LF extension.

Summing up, Balazs confirmed that the promoters were overjoyed with the sound system. 'They couldn't have been happier,' he said. 'The subs were overkill and the MLA Compact brought detailed mids and highs so that the night was marked with a coherent sound.

'As a result of this success, I can see more events of this nature coming along in the future.'

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