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23RD NOV 2015

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Kenly, NC––A small 200-seat house of worship in Eastern North Carolina, the Faith Free Will Baptist Church recently upgraded its sound system with Martin Audio CDD installation speakers.

RMB Audio Tech Matt Johnson served as the planner, installer and designer for the system. A lifelong member of the church, Matt explains his personal family ties and the heritage of others within the Faith Free Will community. 'I grew up in the church,' he explains, 'which was originally built in 1962 on a tract of farmland donated by my great-grandfather, its first pastor. My father, Edgar Alberdeen Johnson Jr., is Deacon of the church.

'The church was rebuilt in 2006 after a heavy snowstorm overloaded the roof and pushed out the walls. A new sound system was installed during that renovation, but it wasn't providing the coverage or clarity they needed, especially for some of the older congregants who couldn't hear the sermons.'

Matt is a MLA Compact-trained technician, and given his knowledge and experience with Martin Audio, the new CDD speakers were an obvious choice for the installation. 'Even before I heard the CDD speakers,' he recalls, 'I was pretty confident about how they'd sound given my experience with the DD6 and DD12's. Once I heard them, I knew they were something I could use that was more affordable.'

The church sound system is primarily used for the spoken word, acoustic instruments and CD playback during plays and worship singing. To adequately cover the room, Matt installed 2 Martin Audio CDD10's in the 13 ft. high cathedral style ceiling.

Although mounted only 3ft. away from the first row of pews, Matt is still impressed with the CDD's coverage. 'The fact that they can effectively cover such a short and long distance with a smooth frequency response was really impressive and a major advantage.' The audio system also includes a Midas Venice 320 console, Ashly EQ, XTA processing and Crest amplification.

The congregation has responded positively to the new speakers. Matt's father Deacon Johnson says, 'Everything's clearer, more natural and it sounds like the pastor's right in front of you.' Deacon Miles Moody adds, 'You can hear everything so well in every seat of the church.' Members of the congregation who use the hearing-impaired sound have commented on the vast improvement in clarity.

'The Redeemed' is a bluegrass gospel group that includes Matt and his family. The group plays in the Kenly gospel hall two nights a month. Matt also installed two Martin Audio CDD10's and a CSX112 sub in the concert hall.

 'Martin Audio has definitely hit the spot with the CDD speakers,' Matt concludes. 'They're affordable, efficient and have a really natural sound, which means small churches can now afford to put in an excellent sound system.'

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