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2ND FEB 2016

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Set on a 30,000 sq ft industrial site in High Wycombe, Rush UK's first Trampoline Park incorporates a series of jumping activities - with wall-to-wall interconnected trampolines, climbing challenges, two dodgeball courts, two basketball hoop lanes, a gigantic foam pit and a ninja challenge course.

Combined with children's birthday party rooms, corporate events, teenage disco nights and fitness classes, all activities function under a roof supported by Martin Audio's new CDD (Coaxial Differential Dispersion) premium installation loudspeakers.

This solution was recommended by the AV integrators, Penguin Media Solutions. Their Director of Operations, Dylan Thompson, said it was vital after seeing other sound systems struggling for clarity in similar environments, that this lively, reverberant hall - with 16,000 sq ft of net usable space - was installed with products fit for purpose. 'This is a large industrial unit, and they wouldn't have been able to get away with a few 100V line ceiling speakers, or a poorly thought out system,' he said.

The client quickly appreciated that in order to set them apart they needed to invest in the technology necessary to achieve vocal clarity, as well as the full range musical performance for their After Dark plans. As a result his company has installed a CDD12 (12') system - without the need for additional subs - in the main area.

'I had been itching to find an installation for the new CDD system since first hearing it in Frankfurt,' Dylan admits.' And it's certainly justified its selection.

'The speakers cope admirably. 'We have set them high up to allow clearance for the jumpers but have used bespoke brackets, mated with the standard fixing hardware.' Three CDD12 are suspended off the vertical RSJ's, left and right sides of the room, with another six from the centre verticals.

There are also five party zones - three downstairs and two up on the mezzanine. While two CDD8 (8') play out background music from a C-Burn player in the coffee shop on the balcony and mezzanine area, a further pair service the two party rooms, which can combine with a press of the relevant button on the iPad. Under the mezzanine, four C6.8T (6.5') ceiling speakers handle background music and replay the soundtrack for a looped safety video, which all participants are required to view.

Dylan Thompson confirms that the sound system, with just the factory EQ, had demonstrated excellent intelligibility, and once it had been fine tuned the reverberation time was brought further under control. 'We were helped once the trampolines moved in and some branding drapes were added, as this provided more acoustic absorption,' he says, Foam cubes within the tumble pit at the end of the room also mitigated reflections.

The integrators have built plenty of flexibility into the system. While the C-Burn player also runs its 'Secret DJ' system, enabling clients to playlist off their iPhones, they have also installed their own digital signage players - and provided three additional DJ input points, as well as input plays in each of the party rooms. Paging from Reception is also fed into the system with a priority set-up.

As for the signal flow they have installed a pair of BSS Soundweb London BLU-100's connected via the BLU-Link network. 'This gives us 24 inputs and 16 outputs,' he says. Video distribution is via VoIP under master Crestron iPad control – which also provides the front end interface for the Soundweb system.

While his own company has only relatively recently started working with Martin Audio he personally gained widespread experience of their signature sound while working with previous companies. 'Martin Audio offers 40 years of British heritage and as an installation company it was an easy decision to make; it was also comforting to know that they are situated right on the doorstep of the Trampoline Park.'

He adds 'It's very difficult to justify another installation loudspeaker following the release of this product line; CDD ticks so many boxes for us, and we're looking forward to working further alongside Martin Audio.'

Penguin also recently launched a separate hire company, Penguin Media Hire, which runs Martin Audio loudspeakers in its hire fleet.

Rush Trampoline Parks' Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Sam Williams, was equally impressed with the Martin Audio pedigree. 'The sound system is fantastic and we are really pleased with the quality of the sound,' she said. 'It is especially effective on our Rush After Dark nights.'

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