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14TH OCT 2004

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Urbium plc has provided Aberdeen with its latest Tiger Tiger destination bar and restaurant complex, offering an upgraded mix of bars, booths, restaurant and club over three floors from midday until late night.

Based in Shiprow, the Tibbatts-designed Tiger Bar, Club, Restaurant, Club Lounge, Lounge Bar and Oriental Bar each have their own impressive and distinctive style, décor and soundtrack, with system integrators, Green-I again using Martin Audio sound reinforcement extensively, while building on the groundbreaking model for signal routing and remote system interrogation that they had piloted at Tiger Tiger, Newcastle 18 months earlier.

It is the nightclub itself which has undergone the biggest stylistic change, the concrete, industrial interior of before making way for a plusher, warmer environment, with the addition of Martin Audio sub-bass units providing a link with the adjacent Club Lounge.

The overall design is based around Martin Audio EM26's, with the ultra-compact EM15's providing the peripheral sound. In the Tiger Bar Martin Audio Blackline F8's, specially painted white, have been sunk into the ceiling and also positioned around the dancefloor, and a WS2A handles the low end. Playing out to the different zones are four simultaneous channels of background sound, while the dancefloor sound is pumped out through a highly-specified DJ booth.

The club also contains a piece of typical Green-I ingenuity. Since the restricted ceiling precluded the use of Martin Audio's Blackline H3's, they have managed to create three-way active playback (with the top end run passive) by combining a Blackline H2, S15 and S218 sub.

In total eight H2's are distributed around the dancefloor perimeter, with four S15's clustered in the centre and a pair of Blackline S218 (2 x 18in) subs ground-stacked on the dancefloor - which offers the perfect solution.

The Club Lounge and VIP are delayed off the main system, with the sub-frequencies rumbling through from the club.

In the Lounge Bar VIP area Green-I have recessed multiples of Martin Audio's C516, with EM15's and EM26's tidily mounted on the surrounding walls. Further EM26's and EM15's are found in the Oriental Bar, with independent source select.

To store the gain settings and route the audio around the complex, Green-I have again turned to the trusty Soundweb and developed the remote performance management system piloted at Tiger Tiger, Newcastle.

One overall benefit - aside from the superior sound that Green-I believe they have achieved in Aberdeen - is the fact that Urbium have now decided to purchase this remote system monitoring set-up, which comes with its own dedicated rack and computer. Configured as a portable solution, this can now move site-wide within the Urbium estate and is already connected to the network of Urbium's IT department.

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Maureen Hayes, Martin Audio
Tel: +44 (0)1494 535312
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Jerry Gilbert, JGP Public Relations
Tel: +44 (0)1707 258525
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