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8TH DEC 2015

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Following up the success of his first, eponymous album, Liang Bo held an album release showcase party in Beijing for his second album Hiding (Mi Cang) on November 11th. Liang, Voice of China Season 1 winner, also released a video of the album recording process at the same time, choosing to do a live video of the process instead of the typical music videos released to support an album. Even more unique in China, the 24 year old Liang is a serious songwriter as well, and as with his first album, he again wrote the songs himself.

To open the release party/press conference, Liang hooked the audience with booming renditions of the songs 'Dangerous', 'Distorted Dream', & 'Melt' from the new album, rocking the small venue and delighting the fans lucky enough to score exclusive tickets.

After the performance, Hou Zuxin - who directed the album video - got on stage to share stories from the intense recording process. As a respected singer and artist herself and having featured with Liang on Voice of China, she still felt surprised by the incredible focus and dedication Liang had during the recording process, seeking out perfection through the process.

Liang's persistence of perfection led him to choose Martin Audio MLA speakers for his first tour and he was so pleased with the sound quality he continued his relationship with the brand, insisting that Martin Audio was brought in for the album event over the international brand that was already installed in the large event room of the Guanghua Beijing International Convention Center. A set of four W8LC's were placed on each side of the stage alongside 2 WS218X subwoofers on both sides to deliver the bass and two LE1500S' at the center of the stage to provide wide coverage up close. 

The most touching part of the event was when Liang invited a few fans to join him on stage. One superfan had even come from Canada to attend the release, her third time making the intercontinental trip to support Liang, which other fans gave him flowers, dvds, and albums of his favorite singers and composers who've influenced his music.
To end the show, Liang delivered a rousing performance of the album's first single, 'In Possession', satisfying all the fans in attendance as well as those watching from home. It was a great way to kick off what is sure to be another successful album for this young star.


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