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28TH MAR 2006

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After investing in another 16 WLX subs and eight more W8LM's, Braunschweig-based LiveAudio, have undertaken a number of recent shows using a combination of W8LC's
and W8LM's.
Among these was Söhne Mannheims, a group of creative music artists based around singer Xavier Naidoo, who performed at the Volkswagen Autostadt´s 5th anniversary party. The main system consisted of eight W8LC's and eight WLX subs per side, while the outfills comprised of 12 W8LM's per side. Another column of nine W8LM's was used for a special delay tower, located in a hall behind the FOH position. A difficult problem that the PA had to solve was even dispersion through a venue measuring just 50 metres deep but 200 metres wide.
Another performances experienced through LiveAudio's Martin Audio Line Arrays were by Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, playing with a philharmonic orchestra, and for that show just eight W8LM's per side were sufficient, supported by 12 x WLX subs.
Finally, virtuoso jazz singer Al Jarreau appeared at the 3rd Jazz & Blues Festival in Wolfsburg, where a combination of W8LC's and W8LM's were used to support his distinctive style of performance. And for his stage monitoring he used Martin's classic LE12JB wedges

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