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16TH JUN 2009

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Sound Division's integrated A/V solution for Bar Sequence

A unique interactive video bar has opened in Islington's Essex Road, with Martin Audio's architectural AQ loudspeakers handling all the audio output.

Owner Aria Ariantalab has spent close on £1 million fulfilling his dream to create a 75-capacity environment (with separate pavement seating) in which everyone from media creatives to the gamer generation can interact in a social environment.

A former electronic engineering lecturer and technology consultant, Aria recognised that a 'digital gallery' would fill a unique space in the Capital's landscape.

'Anyone can come in with a memory stick and plug into one of our laptops,' he says. 'Media artists, graphic designers, photographers and photographic agents can show off their work - and as for DJ's and VJ's, we can assess these at our Wednesday 'Open Deck' nights,' he says.

Aria, who is also a DJ, provided his own playback equipment for the DJ booth but contacted Sound Division Group to handle the integrated AV design. He located the company via the internet, and was immediately impressed with the portfolio of prestigious London venues with which they had become associated.

'Their owner David Graham was very focused, recommending the Martin Audio loudspeakers, which proved to be a great choice.'

In fact Sound Division specified six wall-mounted Martin Audio AQ8 on rotatable brackets, set in pairs down the length of the rectangular room, with an AQ210 2 x 10' ultra compact bass speaker, processed by a BSS Soundweb BLU-16 8 x 8 digital processor.

These are designed into three separate, locally-controlled sound zones, so with a pair of AQ8's in the front lounge area run at low level to allow conversation, while those at the rear over the dancefloor deliver high octane dance levels, with the sub providing bass extension.

'We wanted a system that offered hi-fi quality but with plenty of headroom, and we have certainly got it,' says Aria. 'Every DJ who has played through the system has come out with a big smile and been highly complimentary about the sound.'

For the video system Sound Division provided no fewer than seven ceiling-mounted Optoma 2500 ANSI lumens short-throw projectors, with Denon DVD/CD inputs and Kramer switching.

In addition to the resident laptops there are three plug-in points for customers to plug in their own laptops if necessary, along with purpose-designed folding laptop shelves.

Designed by Space Design, there are many unique characteristics about Bar Sequence - including the fact that it offers free Wi-Fi and is open until 3am. 'But essentially this is an opportunity for people to share their digital life in a social context, away from their home PC's. In fact I believe we are the first truly digital bar in the UK,' says Aria.

Once he has the Islington venue established, Aria Ariantalab plans to open a series of similarly-profiled Sequence bars.

Further information from:

Maureen Hayes,
Martin Audio
Tel: +44 (0)1494 535312
Fax: +44 (0)1494 438669 E:maureenh@martin-audio.com

Jerry Gilbert
JGP Public Relations
Tel: +44 (0)1707 258525
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E: jerry.gilbert@ntlworld.com

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