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26TH JAN 2017

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Located in the fashionable Aoyama district of Tokyo, 'b-monster' is a new form of dynamic exercise which combines nightclub dancing with full-scale boxing fitness training, while at the same time promoting fun.

The 'fitness after dark' concept has travelled across to Japan from New York, and the luxury brand first settled in Ginza before the latest opening.

With a desire to build on the energy created at the first club, state-of–the-art CDD and CSX loudspeakers from Martin Audio have been supplied by installers, Martin Audio Japan to meet the specification.

'The brief was to deliver 'high quality, nightclub style sound without compromise,' reports Martin Audio Japan's Shin Yamada. Providing even coverage across the entire area are 12 carefully tuned CDD12 and four CSX118 subwoofers, which deliver a dynamic full-range sound for the fitness fanatics. In order to control the dynamics Martin Audio's dedicated DX0.5 management system has been adopted - thus ensuring a clean well-controlled signal to the Powersoft amplifiers.

Shin Yamada confirms that positive feedback had been instantaneous. 'As soon as the gym opened customers started commenting,' he said. 'The sound quality is way ahead of any other gym.'

Mr, Dobashi, director of ENTER SANDMAN LTD., who designed the sound system, stated, 'Before deciding which speaker was best for b-monster I tested several manufacturers' products. My priorities were to establish which would produce the most consistent acoustic sound over a long period without causing fatigue, and secondly to create a real club sound environment with a thick low bass beat.

'I found that the performance of CDD was acoustically extremely natural - not only its coaxial qualities but the fact that it is a well-tuned box. I found I didn't need to make

electronic adjustments compared with other competitive brands and could maintain a high dynamic range without losing acoustic power.'

Program Director of b-monster, Mr. Hiro, added his own endorsement. 'The experience is just like being in a nightclub surrounded by great SPL and low frequency. The instructors' voice is delivered clearly, and without feedback over the headset mics, which is not always the case. This is not only a bonus for those working out, but also instructors are excited by this great sound experience.'

He said one of the most remarkable features is during the high-intensity 'interval' training, designed to increase heart rate. With the sound system set to this parameter every corner of the studio is filled with consistent sound.'

Concludes Shin Yamada, 'We are delighted that such an innovative training gym as b-monster has adopted CDD - which truly supports the Martin Audio message of 'uniting the audience.''

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