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19TH MAR 2008

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A second major Martin Audio Compact Line Array has been sold to a Portuguese rental house by the manufacturer's territorial distributor, Tecnimusica, LDA.

After evaluating different systems during demonstration in the Portuguese Algarve, close to their base, Sons da Vicentina have made their first investment in Martin Audio line array technology to service the massive Anjos tour.

After Tecnimusica MD, Jorge de Oliveira and Martin Audio's international sales manager, Martin Kelly set up the audition, the production company's proprietor, Flávio Figueiras took the decision to purchase 16 x W8LC enclosures and two W8LCD Downfills - giving him two nine-drop hangs - and 12 x WS218X subs. He decided to keep amplification and processing in the Martin Audio domain, ordering a selection of MA12K, MA9.6K and MA2.8s amplifiers to power the system along with a pair of DX2 system controllers.

Production rehearsals successfully took place on February 29, in the enclosure of the Fatacil in Lagoa - and the band were ready to embark on their tour.

Icons on the Portuguese music scene, the Anjos tour will celebrate the tenth year on the road for brothers Sérgio and Nélson Rosado (their recent DVD was titled 10 Anos em Albufeira). Anjos will tour throughout Portugal (and Portuguese-speaking communities); they currently have 43 dates confirmed with a further 36 under reservations (including the massive São João Festival in Porto).

"We know that our public appreciates excellent sound quality and dynamic lighting,' said Sérgio and Nélson Rosado. 'Sons da Vicentina are now responsible for the production of our shows and we are delighted with the work of our friend Flávio Figueiras. We know we can rely on the quality of his engineering team to greatly enhance our shows.'

The Martin Audio line array rig - capable of outputting 80kW of sound, is the second of its kind to be touring in Portugal. Jorge de Oliveira confirms that Tecnimusica sold a system in September - minus the Downfill - to Coimbra-based MUSIMAGEM, LDA. The system purchased by owners Artur Santos and Fernando Santos comprised 16 x W8LC and 16 x WS218X, with a pair of Blackline H3's for fills, along with DX2 and a DX1 system controllers.

It was after listening to this system that Flávio Figueiras started to think seriously about introducing the famous British marque to his own rental fleet.

Both production companies are optimising their respective systems using Martin Audio's proprietary predictive ViewPoint™ optimization software and DISPLAY™ line array prediction software - and the systems are fully supported by Tecnimusica.

Fired by this success Jorge de Oliveira, who set up his company in 1984, plans to stage a seminar at the end of March and invite the most important rental companies in the country.

'We have been working with Martin Audio since 2006 and are now really benefitting from the quality and prestige of their systems.'

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