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29TH MAY 2014

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Musitecnica confirms second line array sale in Mozambique

Martin Audio's Portuguese distributors, Tecnimusica have made it their mission to establish the famous loudspeaker brand - under their Musitecnica subsidiary - in the Palop (Portuguese-speaking African) countries.

They achieved a major breakthrough recently when Martin Audio line array technology found its way onto a tour by famous Angolan R&B singer, Anselmo Ralph.

Says Jorge Oliveira, who runs the company, 'Over the past five years I have been steadily promoting Martin Audio in the Palops - including Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe. Now the results are starting to appear.'

Currently Musitecnica has Martin Audio systems out in Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde and Guinea. 'We're only missing Principé and São Tomé - and we hope to address that this year.'

As a result of an aggressive marketing policy, stressing the versatility of the Martin Audio systems, the second line array system has now been sold in Mozambique - to rental company Chitara Sound Rental, comprising W8LC and WS218X subs.

As for Anselmo Ralph, 'he is a big fan of Martin Audio systems,' according to Jorge. 'He is happy to accept either W8LC or Longbow - but presently Longbow is only available in Angola. Soon there may be also one in Mozambique.' Currently he is using a total of 36 x W8LC Compact Line Array enclosures and 32 x WS218X subs - with 16 x LE1500 floor wedges.

The first company to buy Martin Audio in Mozambique was Cavaco Malagueira's Sound & Light Ltd - which has been using Martin Audio for over 30 years - dating back to the F2 system.

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