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2ND NOV 2015

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Equally versatile in both portable and installed system configurations, and with its four channels delivering up to 5,000 W, neatly packed into 1 RU weighing just over 7kg / 16lb, Martin Audio's new MA5.0Q is a flexible, cost-effective solution for small to medium sound systems.

Benefitting from core technologies found in Martin Audio's flagship amplifiers, the MA5.0Q sets a class standard in efficiency, leading to low power consumption, and consequently to substantial cost savings on electricity - all in an eco-friendly way.

Minimum heat dissipation makes the MA5.0Q suitable for hot or otherwise challenging environments. Delivering fantastic sound quality, due to its unique, patented Class D output stage design, the MA5.0Q represents high value, practically as well as commercially.

The MA5.0Q delivers a number of key features. These include:Four channels in 1 RU at 358 mm / 14.1'' depth; Minimal 'carbon footprint' and operational cost of electricity; More watts, less weight (up to 5,000 W in 7.3kg / 16lb); Switch mode power supply, internally switchable 230/115 V nominal; Fixed frequency switch mode amplifier output stages; Patented amplifier output filters with ripple cancellation network; Optimised for 4 Ω loads, thus ideally matching real-world scenarios in targeted applications; AC protection (shuts down power supply when AC mains voltage is outside operating range); Clip limiter (prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching loudspeakers, while still maintaining full peak power output); Short circuit protection (protects the amplifier from short circuit or similar events on the outputs, with automatic protection reset); Thermal protection (mutes outputs once the output devices reach 75 ºC / 167 ºF - automatic unmute once temperature is down to 65 ºC / 149 ºF); Temperature controlled, continuous variable speed fan, and front to rear airflow.

The target markets for the new amplifier include: Stage monitoring; Hotels, Restaurants and bars; Visitor attractions; Houses of worship; Auditoriums; Educational facilities; Live sound and Night clubs. 

The MA5.0Q is scheduled to start shipping from mid-November.

For more information, visit the MA5.0Q product page.

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