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10TH SEP 2013

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Martin Audio is capitalizing on its success in Japan and the Far East by setting up a new regional hub in Kanagawa.

The new operation, Martin Audio Japan, was announced in early 2013 and recently ratified, with Yusuke Karato, director of Martin Audio distributors, Audiobrains, fronting the operation.

Under the new structure, Martin Audio Japan will act as main distributor and Audiobrains will take on a dealership role. Mr. Karato believes that this will lead to even greater penetration and brand recognition for the manufacturer. 'We considered what we needed to do for the Japanese market and this will deliver greater business opportunities in a wider number of market segments.'

He added, 'We recognise that with loudspeaker technology becoming increasingly complicated, first class customer training and service support were essential. We wanted to be the first company in Japan to take this seriously.'

Mr. Karato says he is 'confident that this new challenge will be successful as engineers who own and believe in Martin Audio's market-leading systems gain more knowledge.' The recently announced success of Hibino, the largest rental company in Japan, in taking stock of Martin Audio MLA, is a strong indication of the strength of this new operation.

Over time, he confirms, Martin Audio Japan will take an increasing role in importation, training, service support and marketing, while new dealers will be appointed to operate alongside Audiobrains. 'There are many things to be done, but it is an exciting time,' he says.

Anthony Taylor, Managing Director of Martin Audio Ltd, along with Simon Bull, International Sales Director, sits on the board of Directors of the new company. Also adding strength to the operation will be Chris Pyne, Technical Support for APAC region, and a soon to be announced Director of Sales for the region.

'Setting up Martin Audio Japan is our strongest message to our customers of the importance of Japan as a key global market, and the fact that we are here for the long term to support the live event market and system integrators for installation,' stated Taylor.

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