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10TH JUL 2018

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Encompass AV recently designed and installed another successful Martin Audio CDD system for BLVD, which is quickly redefining the concept for elegant, high end restaurants in Chicago.

Owned by Sancerre Hospitality, BLVD was the Chicago 2017 Eater Award Winner for Design of the Year.

As Encompass owner Tim Pickett explains, “This was their first location and they wanted to do things right. Create a sexy restaurant with really good modern American cuisine, great sound and a different atmosphere than many of the Chicago restaurants.

"There are many reasons why Martin Audio CDD is the right choice for all kinds of environments."
Tim Pickett, Encompass AV

“Instead of cold, they wanted warm, with lots of soft surfaces. So, they hired Studio K, one of the top design teams in the city, and they built a very classy, beautiful restaurant with kind of a 1950s Old Hollywood feel to it.”

“The venue is a two-story buildout where everything but the foundation was ripped out and they started from the beginning,” Tim continues. “The first floor is the main bar and dining room with a grand staircase that gets you up to the second floor. There are nine CDD6 and one CSX112 sub in the dining room and five CDD6 and two CSX112 subs in the bar.

“There is lounge type seating around the staircase with a private dining room and bar behind a glass wall. Upstairs, there are a dozen C6.8T ceiling speakers and six CDD6 and two CSX112 subs in the private bar and five CDD6 in the lounge area. All of the CDDs and CSX subs are ceiling mounted except for the private dining room bar where they’re integrated into the furniture.”

Tim reports that the client, “is very happy with the sound, we worked hand in hand with them to achieve the right balance between high energy audio and an environment where you can easily have a conversation. Indeed, Sancerre’s Frank Callero maintains, “Encompass did a great job installing the Martin Audio speakers. We’re thrilled with the quality and sound.”

Asked about his choice of speakers, Tim concludes, “There are many reasons why Martin Audio CDD is the right choice for all kinds of environments. The smooth, even distribution with really great sound and uniform coverage from a cabinet that is reasonably priced is the no. 1 factor.”

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