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30TH NOV 2017

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For the second year in succession, AvensysLive provided a Martin Audio MLA Compact PA for the Lingfield Park Resort Fireworks Display in Surrey, marking the beginning of a new three-year contract with the site.

The company's Operations Manager, Angus Galloway, confirmed that they had specified MLA Compact as best fit for purpose for the event, and will continue to deploy it at the site in future. Stating his reasons, he said, 'It meant we could use the Display software to ensure audio levels outside the audience area were kept to a minimum. We also love the power, sound and clarity that MLA Compact provides.'

The service company fielded 16 x MLA Compact elements and 8 x WS218X subwoofers, rigged in four stacks, each comprising four MLA Compact and a pair of WS218X. The stacks were placed on LiteDeck decking system at 1.2m in height, evenly spread along the audience viewing area.

The signal feeds comprised a pre-recorded mix of popular music that was triggered at the same time as the fireworks. The display itself lasted around 15 minutes, however there were other amusements and attractions taking place both before and after.

'The site does have to consider its neighbours during events,' confirmed Galloway. 'Although we were not asked to keep to any noise restrictions, MLA Compact and Display undoubtedly helped restrict the offsite noise.'

Angus Galloway also operated as system tech, inputting the dimensions of the audience area into the Display software, to ensure even coverage throughout; this took into account raked steps with an overhanging balcony of the hotel suites. He was assisted by sound operator Ben Moore, mixing on a Yamaha QL5, while Neal Mackay, Adam Riggs and Ollie Cross made up the rest of the crew.

Summing up, he stated, 'The objective for us at this event was achieving a balance between the sound of the fireworks and the music while still covering the whole audience area and keeping offsite levels to a minimum.'

He said they had achieved exactly the results they had planned for. 'We used the same set-up as the previous year - however the sound is getting more and more refined each time, thanks to the updates in the Display software.'

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