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4TH FEB 2016

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Grantville, PA––Control Point Technology recently completed an audio upgrade for the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse with Martin Audio MLA Compact speakers.

The fact that the performance space is located in the middle of the Casino and opens onto the adjacent gaming areas posed a significant challenge.

As Control Point Project Manager Aaron Replogle describes it, 'The H Lounge is an oblong-shaped venue with a half-round stage that's open to the casino and next to a restaurant, making sound control the most challenging part of this project. Our primary design goals were to keep low frequency volume from being transferred from the performance space into the adjacent steakhouse while creating control over where the sound was going in terms of keeping it off of the main gaming floor.

'We looked at a number of different options for upgrading the space and determined the best plan was to go with an MLA Compact system so we could use the software to create long, medium or short throw programs that would effectively expand the coverage when they had large crowds or reduce it when they had a smaller audience.'

The system deployed by Control Point consists of 6 flown MLA Compact cabinets and 3 WS218X subwoofers per side. According to Aaron, 'because of space issues, the best option for the subs was to recess them into the walls to the left and right of the stage. To reduce the low-end impact, the subs rest on neoprene pads within the two double-walled cavities, each filled with 3,000 lbs. of sand. This proved to be a major advantage in keeping the bass frequencies from negatively impacting the steak house next door.

'The MLA system does a large portion of the work in terms of delivering increased pattern control so we can dial in a hard-avoid area at the perimeter to ensure that the volume is dramatically reduced out in the casino floor.'

The H Lounge features a variety of local and regional Classic Rock, Funk, Country and R&B artists to entertain the Casino crowds while they take a break from gaming.

In terms of their client's response to the new system, Aaron concludes, 'The Casino has had several shows since the installation and MLA is quite a departure from the system they had. Now they can hear all of the subtle nuances that can make or break a mix they weren't able to hear before.

'Our clients are happy with MLA's ability to keep audio out of the gaming floor, and the coverage really comes alive when you get into the venue. MLA has made a world of difference in terms of coverage, control and audio quality.'

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