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10TH DEC 2014

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The East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf is notoriously challenging for sound due to it's highly reverberant room. At 25m high, the glass atrium looks beautiful but trying to control the sound is virtually impossible. The installed line array struggles to cope with the acoustics but for Martin Audio's MLA Mini it recently proved a breeze.

Old Barn Audio Ltd were asked to demonstrate the MLA Mini at a Christmas party for Shell UK staff, for promoter Ranako Daily. Ranako, owner of Upallnite Promotions, were looking to partner with a professional audio company for all current and future work and was urged by their sound engineers to opt for MLA Mini for smaller events and MLA Compact for larger events. Being a UK Distributor for MLA Mini, Old Barn Audio was a natural choice.

Old Barn Audio took a full range of Martin Audio products for the system, including four MLA Mini elements and one MSX sub on each side of the stage, bolstering the sub frequencies with a pair of WS218X subs powered by a MA12K amplifier. Monitoring was supplied by an array of F12+ cabinets powered by a MA2.8Q amplifiers. The band, a reggae/ska/funk outfit from London, said 'we're so impressed with the system. The lack of front of house sound on stage was fantastic and made hearing the monitoring so much easier than traditional systems.' The glass balcony and rear wall were designated as hard-avoided via the MLA design software which aided the taming of this problematic room.

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