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21ST FEB 2014

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Martin Audio's recent two-day series of showcase demonstrations of its award-winning MLA Mini loudspeaker system was a resounding success.

The inspired choice of venue was The Backstage Centre, Purfleet, Essex, UK - and in keeping with earlier showcases of the original MLA and MLA Compact, provided the perfect platform to show off the versatility and scalability of the system, demonstrated across two stages and including a live act.

Each demonstration kicked off with a short introduction by Simon Bull, International Sales Director, on the history of Martin Audio and the introduction of Multi-cellular technology, prior to Jason Baird, R&D Director, providing all the product information on the latest instalment of MLA.

Interspersed between technical information and how to set up the system, attendees were treated to a variety of listening experiences. First up was MLA Mini in its simplest configuration of four boxes pole mounted above the MSX subwoofer, using just a pre-set and no EQ. The power and warmth from such a compact and simple arrangement was quite extraordinary. Following on was an eight-box aside hang, with two MSX subwoofers ground stacked. This system had been configured with the help of Display 2.1 and the same familiar reference tracks were played to allow comparison with the smaller configuration, just before AC/DC 'Back in Black' kicked in to show how much further the system could perform.
This sequence was then followed up with a live optimisation creating a hole in the floor via a positive reduction in sound, as a representative for how MLA's unique properties can help direct sound to where it should and should not be. This demonstration allowed attendees to marvel at the now familiar sonic gymnastics.

Just as the presentation was closing out and attendees were turning their attention to refreshments, there was a final twist to the proceedings. The room had effectively been split in two, but with the partition curtain drawn, the audience was invited to turn around and effectively watch and hear a small concert performance configuration with a 12 box hang either side, with three MSX and two DSX subs aside providing the output. Welcome to the stage singer/songwriter James Fox and his band that ran through six numbers providing a memorable and pleasurable finale to proceedings, as well as showing off the full dynamic range and potential of the system.

The sessions were well attended from across the industry including distributors, dealers, rental companies, system integrators and consultants, as well as FOH engineers, system techs, and event production managers. The general feedback was highly positive both to the professionalism of the demo, and the sheer enjoyment of hearing MLA Mini through its different set ups.

The events could not have taken place without the able assistance and support of DiGiCo for the loan of their SD5 (ably supervised by Tim Shaxson), Capital Sound, RG Jones and DPA providing additional equipment, Simon Honywell on FOH duties, and USS who ran production.

James King, Marketing Director, concluded, 'This was a fantastic event for us with such positive commentary from everyone on the quality of the system, but also the overall demo experience. To leave such impression and to provide a platform worthy of MLA Mini is truly gratifying.'

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