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13TH OCT 2014

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YUZU is one of the most well-known Japanese artists, with a career now spanning 17 years, and their passionate, emotive, and joyful stage act continues to attract many fans.

Their arena tour, 'Shin-Sekai', began at the end of May and took in over 30 stages, located in 14 cities. MLA has been used throughout the tour, and its reputation continues to grow and garner plaudits from the industry.

One particular venue, Yoyogi National Gymnasium, famous for its unique shape and well known as a difficult venue is where MLA has truly shined. Mr. Oobuchi, the production manager explains, 'The reaction when we used it first time at the dome was very positive.

'We didn't need the delay towers, which helped with line of sight and production costs, but the key was that the artist heard fantastic comments about the sound quality from everyone through the venue.'

Again this year, having 12 MLA (including 1 MLD as the down fill) as the main array and 12 MLA (including 1 MLD as the down fill) as the side array, along with 6 MLX per side as the subwoofer, the system achieved very consistent coverage all the way to very top seats of the outer perimeter of the 11,000 arena.

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