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11TH NOV 2013

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SSE Audio Group's installation division has returned to the high profile Bunga Bunga in Battersea to augment the original Martin Audio AQ series loudspeakers with more of the stylish architectural range, thereby boosting the venue's functionality.

The installation team originally moved in just over two years ago when operators The Inception Group, run by Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes, first opened the site.

The bar/pizzeria operates on two floors; the ground floor has a dedicated restaurant and bar while upstairs, the larger second floor room is dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest themed private Lucky Voice karaoke room, with DJ booth and live stage. Here the walls are covered with Eurovision memorabilia.

But it was the need to reinforce the sound reinforcement armoury, brought about by the growing emphasis on live entertainment, that inspired the first floor upgrade.

Explained SSE director, Emma Bigg: 'We put in the original system with Martin Audio AQ8's and AQ112 subs, with the Karaoke system which can be run automatically or via a small mix mixer.

'However, live has become a more important part of the mix and so we have added a pair of [Martin Audio] AQ10's and another AQ112, with different presets, to give a better sense of the live music.'

With a fixed format BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 (12 in/8-out) DSP on each floor the system can be voiced according to the operating mode, offering a more immersive sound for DJ and karaoke while reverting to a more conventional Left/Right stage sound for live performance.

At the same time SSE has taken the opportunity to reconfigure the existing installation to further optimise the performance, relocating the original AQ112 sub, repositioning the AQ8's - and assigning a new amplifier. While the mid-highs are all wall mounted two of the subwoofers are flown and the third is floor-standing.

'The detail is important with all Inception Group venues,' Emma continues. 'There is a specific design to each and the AQ series is important for maintaining that neat, compact and stylish finish. The series is very cost effective and provides a good result.'

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