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9TH OCT 2014

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OSA International, Inc. announced its new Nashville office and warehouse, along with a growing inventory of Martin Audio MLA systems to meet a hectic schedule of live production work, corporate shows, product launches, TV broadcasts and special events.

To accompany its other facilities in Chicago and Las Vegas, OSA chose Nashville to strengthen its national presence and to boost support for its current and future clients in the region. From this location, OSA can service 50-percent of the nation's population within a single day drive.

'When looking at potential locations for our third U.S. office, Nashville was a logical decision geographically for both our current and projected clients in the area, as well as its close proximity to surrounding metropolitan regions throughout the southeast,' states Mario Educate, founder and CEO of OSA. 'It allows us to be more competitive by being able to deliver our services regionally with reduced transportation costs from this central location – another benefit to our clients.'

'Further,' he continues, 'our Nashville presence increases our exposure to the music industry as Nashville is one of the nation's largest centres for music production in the U.S. Couple that with the 30-percent rise year over year of corporate and special event bookings in the region, it made sense for us to significantly increase our rental inventory – Martin Audio MLA being the largest purchase based on the rising requests for the system.'

Already the largest supplier of Martin Audio MLA in North America, OSA recently added an assortment of 200 units, consisting of MLA, MLA Compact and MLA Mini, to meet the demand for this system technology.

Asked about the MLA acquisition, OSA Vice President Jim Risgin said, 'We believe in the product, technology and, most importantly, the result MLA delivers, so being able to offer that across all three systems, including MLA Mini, provides us with the ultimate in performance and flexibility. We just wrapped up the Steely Dan tour – the plaudits for the sound quality were exemplary, both from the audience, critics and the band, and it was an absolute validation of the system. Add in the success of MLA during this season's festival calendar as well as the exponential growth with our corporate clients, we see MLA is making a great statement on how audio quality combined with the technology can make a noticeable change in every application.'

'It's the first technology in the last 30 plus years that is truly delivering sound in a new and exciting way as far as I'm concerned,' says Risgin. 'Even with the obvious benefits the Multi Cellular drive brings such as SPL control, consistent audience coverage as well as out of area rejection, it still amazes me how good it sounds every time I turn on the system. Simply input the room calculations and MLA in turn delivers the expected coverage as well as giving the engineer a stellar sonic canvas to work with. Now engineers can allocate their time to their craft and art of mixing rather than spending the time mastering conventional systems to gain similar results. This translates into a better end product for our clients as well as savings in time and labour.'

In summing up, Jim said, 'Put simply, MLA provides the highest quality and most consistent coverage out of the box, giving the audience a truly extraordinary sound experience.'

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