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9TH JUL 2014

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MSI Japan Taiwan has given Martin Audio's MLA system its debut in the Taiwan capital, at a recent show held at Taipei Arena.

This proved a big success for MSI Japan Taiwan - part of the MSI Japan HD Group, who set up their office in Taipei several months ago. Their first gig with the system was supporting the Taiwanese leg of the famous Japanese artist, Masaharu Fukuyama, for his Fukuyama Masaharu We're Bros Tour 2014.

Since the artist had used the MLA system for the Japanese leg, he wanted to retain continuity with the award winning loudspeaker technology that is a combination of multi-cellular control and progressive optimisation software.

MLA has already enjoyed great success in Japan and its reputation is quickly spreading through all the Asian countries. Without the need for delay towers, it can effortlessly provide consistent sound pressure level and frequency response throughout the venue.

Once again, this successful show cast attention on the system, both from the audience experience and those involved in the Taiwan production industry.

'The difference between MLA and conventional systems,' said FOH engineer, Takashi 'White' Murata, 'is that I can mix with detailed balance, even if the FOH position is 100m away from the stage.'

In fact one member of the audience, seated in the top row of the venue, said she had never before experienced this quality of sound during a concert at this venue.

Shuzo Fujii, president of MSI Holdings, concludes, 'The Asian market is gradually waking up to this brand new MLA technology. I believe that the trend in touring loudspeaker technology worldwide will eventually move towards this kind of multi-cellular array principle.'

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