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6TH FEB 2013

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Such has been the interest in Martin Audio's ground-breaking new Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) that the company has now created an MLA dedicated web portal, in order to share the secrets of its advanced control technology with the growing community of users and potential customers.

This will be represented in two hierarchical modules. The Public portal has now gone live and is available to everyone, while the Private portal will be confined to MLA rental companies and trained technicians, allowing them to access more in-depth information and engage in discussion forums. This is scheduled to go live in the near future.

Running hand in hand is a new personal Certified Training Programme which complements the online resource, where technical information is hosted alongside an open forum. This gives MLA technical users the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, both with each other and Martin Audio's design and support teams across the world.

Through the MLA portal, owners and operators can also be actively engaged in the on-going certification of new engineers in a unique collaboration that links formal factory led training with real world experience.

MLA's multi award-winning technology represents a new direction in the way loudspeaker arrays are configured and controlled - and consequently the way in which the audio is heard.

This portal will empower users with the ability to achieve greater control, consistency and unparalleled acoustic sonic quality. Topics range from how to achieve coverage uniformity (and conversely notch out areas where sound is to be avoided), the advantages of being able to banish delay towers and how commercial benefits can be achieved for greater tour profit. It will prove beyond doubt that by employing the MLA principle, guesswork no longer plays a part in the control equation.

These guiding principles are appropriate to all applications - whether MLA is deployed in concert touring, one-off events, festivals or large and medium scale permanent installations in clubs and live venues.

Summarising the scope of the training portal, Martin Audio MD, Anthony Taylor, 'With the network of MLA and MLA Compact users growing so rapidly it was essential that we developed this type of forum where technicians could exchange ideas and experiences. At the same time we are pleased to welcome into the community potential customers who have heard so much about this ground-breaking system and want to learn more.'

Visit the MLA Portal at www.martinaudio-mla.com

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