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30TH APR 2018

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Las Vegas, NV––Produced by PIX Productions with audio supplied by OSA International Inc., Adobe recently held the Adobe Summit 2018, a successful meeting for 13,000 digital marketers and advertisers, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The high-powered event featured guest speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, SNL’s Leslie Jones, and Houston Texans standout JJ Watt, while OSA ensured consistent coverage and exceptional audio quality with a multifaceted Martin Audio MLA system.

"Every time Martin Audio comes out with a new product, I’m just blown away."
Jamie Ransford, OSA

According to OSA Project Manager and Systems Engineer Jamie Ransford, “At 600 feet wide and 300 feet deep with video displays throughout the space, we were faced with the challenge of getting uniform coverage throughout the audience while keeping sound away from where we didn’t want it. MLA was huge in helping us to avoid specific areas like the back of the screens with Display software and Hard Avoid™. Besides the PA, we only had two days to put in the system.”

The system setup was comprised of 96 MLA Compact enclosures, a total of 17 hangs varying in size between five and seven boxes per hang, in a large distributed system throughout the venue. The large square stage was supplemented by two hangs of MLA Mini in the center and 12 MLX subs ground-stacked on either side of the stage behind the screens. Martin Audio CDD12’s were used as fill speakers wherever they were needed.

Jamie explains, “It was also a challenge to distribute signal because everything was so spread out, with potential cable runs of over 600 feet to reach the delay clusters. We opted to fly Merlin distribution and loudspeaker management systems throughout the hall in centralized locations so that no cable run to a speaker cluster exceeded 150 feet. Each rack also had a Focusrite Rednet D16R on a Dante network for AES distribution.”

Asked about reaction to the PA, Jamie confirms, “The system sounded great, with really even coverage from front to back and side to side, even within a very wide space.

“Everyone was very happy with the coverage, clarity and overall sound quality. Every time Martin Audio comes out with a new product, I’m just blown away. In fact, I’m looking forward to checking out the Wavefront Precision system for the first time at an upcoming corporate event we’re doing in Orlando.”


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