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12TH OCT 2015

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Martin Audio Japan has announced the appointment of a new MLA partner in the form of a collaboration between Sound Office and MSS.

Based in Ehime Prefecture, Sound Office and MSS have jointly purchased MLA System 30, comprising of 18 MLA boxes, two MLD Downfill and 10 MLX subs.

President of Sound Office, Mr.Fujiwara said, 'We needed to upgrade our sound system, and of course we considered several brands as part of that process. MLA was a strong contender but it's a big commitment too. Sound Office and MSS are located in a small province of Japan and we both wanted to have the newest system, so we had a meeting with the president of MSS, Mr. Miyauchi, and finally we decided to purchase the MLA system together.'

President of MSS, Mr.Miyauchi concurred. 'I totally agreed when Mr.Fujiwara came to us with the idea of jointly purchasing MLA because we shared the same vision for developing live sound in the region by using the system. Of course I knew the sound quality of MLA system, I love it. There was no hesitation about MLA.'

Mr Fijiwara continued, 'I knew the quality of MLA, as I've listened to the system in Tokyo several times, but the main trigger was the SUNBURST2015 festival, as we were keen to use a different system from that which we had used in previous years. The result was fantastic, with everyone in the audience experiencing the same quality of sound, and this is something that is very important for us as we believe artistically better shows are produced and enjoyed as a result.'

One of Sound Office's engineers, Mr. Sannabe added, 'Using MLA for the SUNBURST2015 rock festival, the result was so amazing. I will use it at every opportunity from now on.'

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