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1ST JUN 2017

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Lakeland, FL––The recently completed College of Arts & Media facility at Southeastern University benefits from a full complement of Martin Audio including an O-Line micro line array system in the auditorium along with CDD and CDD-LIVE speakers in the music and practice rooms.

MABE in Lakeland was the integrator for the project and Lead Account Manager Steve Griner explains, 'The College of Arts & Media is a new multi-use facility, with classrooms and an auditorium on the ground floor. The Martin Audio O-Line is installed in the auditorium that serves as a large multi-purpose lecture hall used for lectures, guest speakers and music ensembles.

'The space has a raked floor with the seating sloping down to a podium on a sunken stage below a large 16 x 9 projection screen in the center and the speakers alongside. We mounted the O-Line on the wall in a left-right configuration with eight enclosures on each side and two CSX subs flown from the ceiling-all powered by Martin Audio amps. The original idea was for a Surround system which led us to the O-Line because we felt the University could build off those speakers and add side fills and a center channel later if we needed.'

Asked about the O-Line's performance, Steve says, 'We really didn't know O-Line that well before the install but we loved the compact size, sleek, curved shape, and how the speakers fits seamlessly into the space. And, most important, the University is very happy with the system and pleasantly surprised by the impressive volume, SPL, clarity and lower frequency response from such a small box.'

Ian Fritzsche, Director of the Media Services Department for the University, confirms Griner's comments with added perspective: 'We think of the facility as a 'live-learn' building with four stories and a mezzanine including the College of Arts & Media and standard classrooms, a food court and two levels of dorm rooms. The building is split with a walkway in the middle.

'The 200-seat lecture hall is the flagship space for the building,' Ian continues, 'but challenging in terms of finding the right speaker system because it's bigger than a classroom and smaller than a huge auditorium so a typical line array system would be overkill in terms of being visually obtrusive and overwhelming in terms of the sound.

'We needed a speaker system that could easily cover anything from one professor with accompanying video or PowerPoint presentation to a theater for films and a concert space for electric bands and small acoustic ensembles. So, we had to put in a sound system that was capable of handling anything we could throw at the room.

'In terms of the installation, we flattened out the unique triangular pointed acoustic wall framing on either side of the projection screen so the O-Line speakers could be easily mounted on the wall. We also installed an Allen & Heath GLD-80 console with a Crestron control system for the audio so a professor can walk in and play a video without a technician. But we can also use it with an engineer and fire up additional inputs, so we have exceptional flexibility with the system. It's very scalable for all kinds of events.'

Martin Audio CDD and CDD-LIVE speakers are also a centerpiece of the College's music spaces: 'We have two CDD8s mounted in the rooms that are used for music and piano instruction and percussion practice where they need better playback quality,' Ian points out. 'Also, there's a large orchestra rehearsal room with two CDD-LIVE 15s, which sound fantastic and really fill out the room.'

Asked about the O-Line's performance, he concludes, 'As it turns out, the O-Line has been great. The system easily fills the room without being overbearing or obtrusive. It has a very small footprint, so you hardly know the speakers are there until they're on and their appearance blends right into the feel of the room. They have more than held their own for every event, so I'm very happy with them.'


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