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24TH OCT 2018

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Japanese rental company Super 4 has invested in a Martin Audio WPC PA to handle its many events and concerts. The company recently placed the order for 18 x WPC elements and 6 x SX218 subwoofers with Martin Audio Japan.

Super 4 is a regional company, based in Takamatsu, Kagawa, and explaining the reason for the purchase, their vice president, Mr. Higasa said, “It has been 18 years since we established the company, and during that time we have expanded from our first purchase of a microphone, up to the level where we can handle major events by ourselves.

We know that WPC will be able to deliver clear and powerful sound to every seat in the arena.
Mr. Seki, Super 4

“All the while we have watched developments with Martin Audio, and having experienced MLA and MLA Compact, and understood the philosophy behind the consistency of sound as well as the capability to control noise spill.”

He says that recently his company faced an issue with regard to noise pollution and this convinced Mr. Higasa to purchase a WPC rig with the intention of being able to achieve the required controllability. “Today’s PA is not only for the satisfaction of sound engineers but also for the clients and the audience,” he notes. “It is important for us to satisfy everyone and meet all considerations.”

And WPC will certainly do that. The three-way, bi-amped systems is a new breed of medium-format optimised line array which brings innovative acoustic design, ultra-high performance and coverage consistency to a wider range of applications and budgets than previously possible.

Also in Mr. Higasa’s thinking was the scalable resolution of WPC, which unlocks the full potential of WPC and provides an adaptable pathway into the world of advanced optimisation. “I am very excited to see how it will contribute to our business in terms of quality and scalability,” he continued. “At the same time we have also introduced [Martin Audio] XE300 to our hire stock. The low profile design is excellent and I was surprised how powerful it is in spite of not requiring any major tuning. This will be extremely useful when set-up time is restricted.”

Mr. Seki, the president of Super 4, added that the new system will come into its own at professional wrestling matches. “Recently, this has been increasingly focused on entertainment and so the sound quality for the show is getting more important. We know that WPC will be able to deliver clear and powerful sound to every seat in the arena — and this is our absolute ideal in terms of quality.”

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