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9TH SEP 2015

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Brooklyn, NY­––One of several upscale Greek restaurants from chef Michael Psilakis in New York City, MP Taverna is located in the heart of Williamsburg and has a small live venue and beer hall located alongside. Simply named The Hall, it benefits from a Martin Audio MLA Mini system to both provide high quality sound reinforcement and control noise overspill to neighboring residences.

Canal Sound & Light was brought in by Psilakis' exclusive contractor Demetrios Limbas of Simplifying IT Consultants to install the audio system. Canal's Jeffrey Kwan describes the space as 'a narrow room 45 ft. wide by 110 ft. long with a low ceiling height of 11 ft. We were tasked with designing the audio system and the challenge was to find a compact line array system that could produce superior audio and cut the sound off at a certain point so the client wouldn't get noise complaints from restaurant patrons and neighboring condos and homes.

'Because it provides that kind of control in a small format, the MLA Mini system perfectly matched the criteria for this project. We installed two Mini 4-enclosure arrays, one per side, with an MSX sub mounted underneath each side of the stage.'

To fully cover the onstage needs of the performers, Jeffrey and his team installed a monitor system that consists of two Martin Audio LE1200 and three LE1500 wedges driven by MA3.0 and MA2.0 power amps.

Asked how MLA Mini performed with the Hall's eclectic lineup of funk, rap, acoustic, neo-soul and rock bands, Jeffrey responds, 'One of the owners had an engineer working there as a consultant who actually requested a Martin Audio system, which worked out great for us. The system sounds absolutely amazing. We first did a demo in the room during construction and even then, just playing back regular tunes, they were blown away by the way it sounds.'

'When we explained the additional MLA control features, which would help them conform with local sound ordinance issues, they were even more sold on it.'

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