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11TH OCT 2022

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Picking the right loudspeaker for your commercial audio project is never straightforward. There are all sorts of variables to factor in, from ease of installation to price, and sound quality to availability. Martin Audio’s ADORN family can be the right solution for sound system installation projects in retail outlets, cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels, convention centres, educational facilities and offices, and here are five reasons why.

1. Signature Martin Audio sound

The classic Martin Audio sound is known and recognised the world over. Martin Audio made its name supplying the sound systems for some of the biggest stages in live music as well as world-famous clubs. The British manufacturer’s solutions are selected because of the audio quality they offer coupled with the technology that ensures the whole audience is united in a memorable experience.

However, Martin Audio’s signature sound is not restricted to its high-end concert systems, it is something that runs through the whole product range. This means that when you select a loudspeaker from the ADORN family you know that it will deliver premium audio quality for your project. Equally, you know that the ADORN range will sonically fit with any other member of the Martin Audio loudspeaker range meaning that ADORN loudspeakers can be seamlessly added to larger systems in a multi-zone complex.

2. Aesthetic design

The interior designer friendly ADORN family will make a stylish addition to any venue.The contemporary design of ADORN two-way on-wall enclosures is visually unobtrusive with smooth, clean lines. Available in black or white as standard, they can also be painted to match any interior décor and architectural environment.

The ADORN in-ceiling and pendant speakers feature a bezel-less grille for a clean look and a bayonet fitting which is easy to remove without the use of tools. The in-ceiling series is finished in white and can equally be painted to disappear into the background while the pendant is also available in black as standard.

3. Perfect choice for background or foreground systems

This combination of superior sound quality and contemporary design makes the ADORN family perfectly suited to both background and foreground applications. If you need your sound system to disappear into the background and just provide a subtle backing track for your venue, ADORN ticks all of the boxes. But if you want your music to be front a centre, with the addition of a separate subwoofer, the ADORN family can again step up and deliver a highly musical solution that will enhance every atmosphere.

4. Full value

While style and sound quality are important for the end result, ADORN also delivers cost efficiency. The family has been created to be commercially price sensitive combined with integrator-friendly features that will make the designing and installing the solution simple. One example of this is every member of the ADORN family featuring a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. This enables four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and also minimising cost of electronics.

5. Variety of models to fit any application

ADORN has been created to deliver solutions for a multitude of commercial audio installations. Across the eight members of the family, there is a form-factor and functionality to fit every project. The family features everything from offerings with shallow backcans to handle with restricted roof cavities to beautifully designed pendants to cope with high-ceilings, and everything in between. In addition to this, T’designated models are fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level.

In stock and available

Once you’ve decided that ADORN is right for your project, you’ll also be happy to hear the entire series is readily available to ship. Many manufacturers are struggling to supply in a timely fashion given ongoing challenges in the supply chain, but by specifying ADORN, system designers and integrators will enjoy the confidence of knowing there won’t be any unexpected delays with their installation.


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