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17TH DEC 2005

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A stunning new multi-level restaurant and nightclub has opened on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare - on a landmark site that has previously housed Joe Montana's, Volts and latterly Stars.

Now known as Seven VII, Directors Vas and Nick Siangoplis and Michael Michaels (of Lazerlight Ltd) have already spent £1 million converting the sophisticated art deco ground floor, and will commence work on the other two floors after Christmas.

Named after the seven deadly sins, the first phase - designed by Nick Siangoplis - also features al-fresco, dining with freshly cooked food served in a conservatory and a terrace bar with large umbrellas and patio heaters.

Lazerlight have given equal priority to the sound and vision, entrusting Bristol-based Bristol Architectural Sound Services (B.A.S.S.) with fitting a Martin Audio sound system.

B.A.S.S's Mike Brice has split the ground floor into eight separate sound zones, using the Allen & Heath iDR8 as his DSP/router (with output expander). The signal source accesses a vast array of Martin AQ series products (all provided by wholesalers Batmink Ltd), including 12 x AQ8's and three AQ210 subs (serving the peripheral area), and four Crown-driven AQ12's (and a pair of AQ215's) concentrated on the dancefloor. All the mid-highs are ceiling-mounted on special Powerdrive brackets.

'We wanted a high-spec DJ system and via the Crown amps we can deliver 1500W onto the dancefloor, with still plenty of headroom in the system,' says Brice, who has equipped the DJ booth with an AQ10 reference monitor.

He also sensibly turned to multiples of Martin Audio's attractive, recessed C516 architectural ceiling speakers, which are distributed in the entrance, hallway and toilets.

Meanwhile, B.A.S.S' associate company, Arclight Engineering, have specified a computer-generated lightshow, with eight programmed states, which can be remote internet controlled - all thanks to an Ethernet cabling infrastructure. For his digital backbone, Arclight's Robin Potton has provided DMX lines for the lighting, a Cisco server (with 2 Terabyte of data storage), Sunlite Ethernet DMX512 and non-Ethernet control boxes - and digital spyware! Says Potton, 'This enables us to zoom into the installation via the strategically-placed surveillance cameras in the venue.'

Lighting effects include a selection of LED and neon colour-change effects, moving yokes and Luxeon uplighting outside. There are also two plasma screens - with the feature 64in display set behind special glass panels to tone in with the granite surround.

Said Robin Potton, 'It is great to be given the opportunity to show what we are capable of. As a result we can now monitor the entire installation, carry out health checks and reprogramme the system from the office, rather than go to site.'

Open from early in the morning for breakfast the 850-capacity ground floor currently operates with a 4am licence. Once developed, the next two floors (including the former Stars) will function respectively as a dedicated nightclub and a members/VIP area.

About the AQ Series

Styled to be architecturally unobtrusive, the horn-loaded AQ Series was specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of high performance sound installation in a wide range of applications.

Six full-range enclosures are available ranging from the ultra-compact dual 5in ICT AQ5 to the high powered AQ15, with its 15in direct radiator and high efficiency HF compression driver.

These are complemented by four dedicated, high power sub-bass enclosures, ranging from the compact, single 12in AQ112 to the high power dual 15in AQ215. A high performance AQX controller is housed in a single rack unit and provides user-selectable active crossover, limiter and trim functions for all AQ system combinations.

AQ Series products may be used individually, in multiples or distributed-depending on the application.

Further information from:

Maureen Hayes, Martin Audio
Tel: +44 (0)1494 535312
Fax: +44 (0)1494 438669

Jerry Gilbert, JGP Public Relations
Tel: +44 (0)1707 258525
Fax: +44 (0)1707 267140

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