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2ND OCT 2014

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For the end of the summer season in Varna the Imperia AV, distributor of Martin Audio in Bulgaria, together with their long-standing partners and customers Cubo Bar, produced a live funk and soul surprise for their regular customers and invited guests.

The stage of the popular beach club hosted an exclusive performance of the Sofia-based club legend Dirty Purchase, with Martin Audio's XD system providing the sound.

Galin Aleksiev, from Imperia AV, takes up the story, 'I have been following the performance of Dirty Purchase for years as a fan of live music. In the beginning of the summer Cubo Bar bought an XD15 system with MA2.0 amps and DX1.5 as an upgrade to their existing Martin Audio system.

'These speakers are unique in the fact that they can go exceptionally loud, but at the same time clear and detailed due to the acoustic design and high quality materials and components. Together with our colleagues from Martin Audio we decided to make an exclusive event at Cubo, which will present their audio system in an uncompromising manner. To this end, we were looking for a band with great potential that had a complex, rich and vivid sound. I am very glad that Dirty Purchase accepted our invitation.'

Dirty Purchase were founded in 1995 by Hristoslav Galileev-Galyo as a club formation to the Swinging Hall live music club in Sofia. Since then, over 20 famous Bulgarian musicians have performed in it. At the beginning the band had a blues sound, whereas subsequently, with the inclusion of the vocalists Amalia and Emil Minchev, as well as of Ivan Lechev, lead guitar and violin, it redirected its repertoire to funk and soul music.

For the event itself, Galin Aleksiev enthused, 'The system sounded fantastic, as were the band themselves. People were happy and dancing all the way to the end of the two sets from the band. One of the last tracks they played was the recent dance smash hit, 'Waiting all night" by Rudimental, which they followed up with Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog'. That's when things went a little crazy. There were 800 people shouting for more and the club owners confirmed that the venue had never been so excited. What a night!'

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