DISPLAY 2 is the transformative prediction software package that makes it possible for system designers and production companies to optimise Martin Audio line arrays for control, coverage and consistency to meet the sonic goals required for any venue. Its modelling is highly accurate, capable of achieving results up to +/‐1dB of actual measured parameters and its optimisation includes patented processes achieving results that competitors cannot equal.

Experience the benefits of DISPLAY 2

  • Multiple goal setting: Tailor the optimisation process to meet various objectives simultaneously, allowing you to achieve multiple goals and address specific challenges in your application.
  • Unparalleled SPL profile control: Achieve enhanced control over sound pressure level (SPL) profiles, allowing you to precisely shape the audio experience to meet your unique requirements.
  • Ultimate leakage control outside of the audience: Keep sound leakage to a minimum, ensuring that the audio remains focused on the intended audience without disrupting surrounding areas and creating unwanted noise pollution.
  • Seamless coverage: Enjoy the smooth and consistent distribution of sound across the entire venue, ensuring every listener experiences the same high-quality audio.
  • Hard Avoid® of stage or problem surfaces: Benefit from the innovative Hard Avoid® feature, which intelligently avoids audio reflections of problem surfaces like ceilings or balcony edges or significantly reduces sound in a given area like below or behind an array.
The Optimisation Process

DISPLAY 2 delivers results via two distinct stages:

Optimal inter-cabinet angles

By understanding the venue and the user goals of the system, the software analyses every possible combination of inter-cabinet angles of the array, checks the result using the computer model of the arrays and compares it to the desired response.

It continues to check through a huge number of possible combinations until it arrives at the closest match to what has been asked of it. There is also the facility to “polish” the array which means it does a second pass having arrived at a set of angles to fine tune the array angles. This process although highly complex, actually only takes a few minutes, certainly no longer than a conventional line‐array prediction application.


DSP Configuration

This stage also uses numerical optimisation, but this time addresses the EQ, FIR, gain and phase parameters available in the DSP of the amplifier or powered array, to achieve the desired response set by the system designer.

DISPLAY 2 uses a unique digital algorithm that examines thousands of batches of possible results, gradually honing all parameters until it reaches a result which is a close as possible to the specifications that the system designer has requested.

This method allows phenomenal accuracy in a highly realistic and practical length of time.

DISPLAY brings confidence

With a large array and complex venue this could take up to ten minutes to complete, but that is small price to pay for a process guaranteeing the best possible coverage, consistency and control of audio in a venue with the system at hand. Equally, it remains the only optimisation software on the market to allow multiple sonic goals to be prioritised and optimised accordingly. For example, not only can DISPLAY 2 optimise for an even sound field over the audience, it can contain it as well — significantly reducing the influence of the room.

Such is the confidence DISPLAY 2 can bring, that significantly less time is spent setting up the system and even less time is spent walking the room.

A DISPLAY 2 design can easily be done prior to arriving at the venue. If you have drawings of the space and details of the flying position and the trim height of the arrays you can complete the rigging and DSP design which makes set‐ up on site extremely quick and efficient. It is possible to try several different DSP optimisations with priority given to a variety of performance characteristics. These can be uploaded to the array and stored in snapshots to be recalled in a few seconds.

Scalable resolution provides flexibility

With Martin Audio’s powered MLA line arrays the resolution of the optimisation process is fixed. However, for the passive Wavefront Precision series with external, dedicated multi-channel iKON amplifiers, Martin Audio has increased the flexibility of the process.

The greater the resolution of the array in terms of individually driven enclosures, the more precisely DISPLAY 2 can fine-tune audience coverage and hold the frequency response and SPL’s throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user. So, for more challenging venues a higher resolution and more amplifier channels would be required but where a venue is more forgiving then less amplifier channels and therefore less amplifiers are required on a given installation or live sound event.

For the first time in the marketplace the decision on the level of resolution and control that is right for the install, client, event or budget is yours.

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