DISPLAY 3, now compatible with Mac and PC, is Martin Audio’s latest system design and prediction software in a 3D environment and is set to be a powerful tool for both live and installation projects.

While currently in Beta release, DISPLAY 3 has notable features:

  • Works seamlessly with SketchUp for sophisticated venue modelling or allows for more simple venue and shape creation.
  • Quick access to layer management inherited from the SketchUp model, with ability to hide unwanted surfaces.
  • Manually assign coverage to surfaces or quickly associate coverage properties to all surfaces on a layer.
  • Includes current Martin Audio constant curvature arrays, point source loudspeakers and subwoofers.
  • Powerful subwoofer array tool enabling rapid design of ground deployed linear arrays of subwoofers.
  • Importation of DISPLAY 2 files - including optimised arrays - for visualisation in 3D.
  • Quickly map SPL results onto a 3D model.

Over time, DISPLAY 3 will incorporate all Martin Audio line array systems with a full optimisation process alongside the full portfolio of point source, ceiling and subwoofer solutions for a complete self-contained system design and prediction platform.

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