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13TH JAN 2016

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Thanks to Coaxial Differential Dispersion™, our CDD dedicated install series delivers improved coverage and consistency, often with the need for fewer speakers.

Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns - projecting more output to the rear of the audience to distribute sound evenly front-to-back, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. This increased coverage area can reduce the speaker count in larger installations by up to 25% thereby significantly reducing total installation cost of a project.

For system integrators this mean they are able to offer exemplary cover for spaces and competitive tenders that increases the number of jobs that can be won. Equally, the quality of coverage and consistency not only delights the client but also their clientele. No wonder, CDD is the shape of things to come.

By way of example, the above plots show a room of 20m x 20m.  Down the left hand side are four CDD12 loudspeakers at 2.5m height, spaced 5m apart.  On the right hand side are four AQ12 loudspeakers - the predecessor of the CDD12 - and typical of quality systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns.

You can see the predicted coverage of the room, shown in one octave bands centred at 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz. Clearly, it can be seen from these plots how much more of a room is covered by a single CDD loudspeaker than from its predecessor.

Equally, the secondary set of plots show how many more AQ speakers are required on the right hand side to deliver a similar level of coverage and consistency as CDD.

Read more here.

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