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Stagetracker II

Performer Tracking Solution in 3D

Stagetracker II Core + Net

The world’s most powerful stage tracking technology meets object-based immersive audio. Track up to 100 performers on stage and position sound accordingly in the venue so every member of the audience align their visual and audio experience, for a truer, more impactful performance.

Based on state-of-the-art RF technology, Stagetracker II is the world’s most accurate performer tracking solution in 3D. Stagetracker II sends the SARA II engine information about the position of all the performers and so in real time SARA can position them in a 3D space


  • Real-time tracking in three dimensions
  • Ultra-fast, vector based accuracy
  • RF-based means no line of sight required
  • Discreet, easy to conceal tags
  • Pitch, roll and rotation recognition for every tag
  • Tour-ready, rugged construction
  • IP67 rated and MIL grade tested
  • Qlab compatible

More than a decade after the original ground-breaking Stagetracker system revolutionised theatre sound, a fully reengineered and upgraded version is set to arrive in the rack-friendly, tour-ready shape of Stagetracker II.

The system was developed by the world’s foremost authority in on-stage tracking technology, Norway’s TTA, and includes state-of-the-art RF-based Stagetracker II RadioEye sensors, and next generation RF Tags so discreet as to become invisible within a performer’s outfit.

Now fully optimised for modern, object-based immersive productions, Stagetracker II is capable of following tagged performers to within 2cm, meaning it is ready not just for audio but also lighting and video.

Designed to withstand the rigours of life on the road, the Stagetracker II RadioEye sensor is IP67-rated, while the Stagetracker II Core has a 2.8 inch touchscreen for easy operation. Remarkable degrees of precision are delivered via ultra-fast vector-based tracking in all three dimensions. Each RadioEye sensor contains 60 antennas – up to 100 tagged performers can be tracked simultaneously, with each individual tag transmitting up to 100 positions per second. Integration with the SARA II engine is seamless via OSC, while communication is simple with any ArtNet equipped lighting console.

Sound Adventures Brochure Datasheet
System Design Overview
Stagetracker II system diagram
Stagetracker II Core
Input voltage100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Power intake400 W
ConnectorNeutrik PowerCon nAC3MPA-1
Housing19” Rackmount, 3 RU
Weight12 kg (26.5 lbs)
  • 1 x Stagetracker II Net (Neutrik EtherCon)
  • 1 x Gigabit for position data output (Neutrik EtherCon)
Stagetracker II Net
Connector data Neutrik EtherCon
Connector48v DC power Amphenol Eco-Mate
  • 4 x RadioEye
  • 2 x Stagetracker Network (rear panel)
Power supplyInput voltage 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Power intake200 W
Housing19” Rackmount, 2 RU
Weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
RadioEye Sensor
Antennas per sensor60
Max coverage per sensor100 tags
Operating frequency4.9 - 5.9 GHz
Coverage angle120 degrees
Accuracy2 cm (0.8”)
Environmental classIP67
Weight10 kg (22 lbs)
Dimensions350 x 350 x 200 mm (13.8” x 13.8” x 7.9”)
Operating temperature-20 to +55 degrees C
RadioEye Tag (transmitter)
Operating frequency4.9 - 5.9 GHz
Positions per second100
SensorsRoll, pitch, rotation, gyro
SensorsRoll, pitch, rotation, gyro
Battery life> 9 hours
ChargingStagetracker II docking station
Coverage200 m
Dimensions48 x 35 x 11 mm (2.0” x 1.4” x 0.4”)
Stagetracker II - RadioEye Sensor
Stagetracker II - RadioEye Sensor

Stagetracker II

RadioEye Sensor

Stagetracker II - RadioEye Sensor
Stagetracker II - RadioEye Tag

Stagetracker II

RadioEye Tag

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