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TH SeriesInstalled Sound


Three-way bi-amp trapezoid Hybrid® fully horn loaded

THH | Three-way bi-amp trapezoid Hybrid® fully horn loaded | TH Series
THH | Three-way bi-amp trapezoid Hybrid® fully horn loaded | TH Series
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THH is a very high performance, all-horn, three-way system in a single, horizontally formatted, wide-bandwidth package.


  • All-horn three-way system
  • ‘Phase-ball’ loaded mid-driver
  • Hybrid® LF section
  • Fitted with handles and castors
  • Horizontal format
  • Five year limited warranty


  • Larger club performance
  • Large scale installs

The driver complement has been engineered for exemplary performance in all bands.

The Hybrid® low frequency section comprises a horn-loaded 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil driver that is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural horn cut-off point. The LF driver features a water resistant cone and triple roll surround for increased excursion.

The mid-horn of the THH has a unique ‘phase-ball’ loading device which maintains the constant directivity characteristics of the horn at the upper end of its range. It is driven by a 10” (250mm) midrange driver with an aluminium demodulating ring for im-proved high-mid clarity and reduced distortion when driven hard. The 70˚ x 40˚ HF section of the THH features a neodymium 1” (25mm) exit compression driver with a Kapton diaphragm for high sensitivity and extended HF performance.

The internal mid/ high passive crossover allows this three-way system to be driven in a bi-amp configuration.

The THH is configured in a horizontally formatted, trapezoidal birch ply cabinet and fitted with twelve M10 inserts to facilitate ease of mounting. The enclosure has generous pocket handles on the ends and rear castors are fitted as standard.

A Martin Audio iKON iK42, VIA5002 or VIA5004 are the recommend amplifier partners with the DX range of controllers also compatible.

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TYPEThree-way bi-amp trapezoid Hybrid® fully horn loaded
  • 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) coil bass driver
  • 10” (250mm)/2.5” (63.5mm) coil mid driver
  • 1” (25mm) exit HF compression driver
  • LF: 750W AES, 3000W peak
  • MF + HF: 300W AES, 1200W peak
SENSITIVITY (8)LF: 104dB, MF + HF: 104dB
MAXIMUM SPL (9)133dB continuous, 139dB peak
DISPERSION (-6dB)70˚ horizontal, 40˚ vertical
CROSSOVER200Hz active, 2kHz passive
ENCLOSURE250 litre, multi-laminate birch ply
FINISHTextured black paint
PROTECTIVE GRILLEBlack perforated steel
(MF + HF) +,- : 2+,2-
FITTINGS12 x M10 inserts
4 x 4” (100mm) castors
4 x pocket handles
  • (W) 1067mm x (H) 558mm x (D) 780mm (908mm)
  • (W) 42ins x (H) 22ins x (D) 30.7ins (35.7ins)
WEIGHT77.5kg (170.5lbs)
Architectural Specs
Martin Audio THH

The loudspeaker system shall be of the trapezoidal three-way bi-amp Hybrid® fully horn-loaded type, horizontally formatted and consisting of one 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil horn and reflex loaded low frequency transducer, one 10” (250mm)/2.5” (63.5mm) voice coil horn loaded mid frequency transducer with a “phase-ball” loading device and one 1” (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn. The enclosure shall be of a multi-laminate birch ply construction with threaded inserts to implify mounting and fitted with 4 pocket handles and 4” (100mm) castors for easy deployment. The loudspeaker shall be operated with a separate electronic controller or amplifier providing a 200Hz crossover between low and mid/high frequency sections. The mid and high frequency sections shall be integrated by an internal 2kHz passive crossover network. Performance of the loudspeaker system with its electronic controller or amplifier shall meet or exceed the following criteria: Frequency response measured 1 metre on axis shall be 50Hz-18kHz ±3dB. High frequency dispersion at -6dB points shall be 70°H x 40°V. Power handling shall be 750W AES, 3000W peak LF, 300W AES, 1200W peak MF + HF. Rated impedance shall be 8 ohms LF, 8 ohms MF + HF. Maximum SPL calculated at 1 metre on axis shall be 133dB continuous, 139dB peak. Dimensions (W) 1067mm x (H) 558mm x (D) 780mm (42ins x 22ins x 30.7ins). Weight 77.5kg (170.5lbs). The loudspeaker system shall be the Martin Audio THH.

Martin Audio TH Series THH Tech Drawing

Technical Drawings for TH Series THH.
All information is Copyright. Martin Audio Ltd.

HTK00004. M10 Eye Bolt - Galvanised Finish
HTK00004. M10 Eye Bolt - Galvanised Finish.


M10 Eye Bolt (Galvanised)

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