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iKON iK42

High Power, Four-Channel Class D Amplifier

Martin Audio iKON iK42 - High Power, Four-Channel Class D Amplifier
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The iKON iK42 is an advanced 4-channel power amplifier which combines very high power density with superb audio performance, state-of-the-art DSP and network control. A dedicated controller amplifier for Martin Audio Wavefront Precision line arrays and XE Series stage monitors, the iK42 can also provide multi-channel amplification across the Martin Audio loudspeaker range.


  • Four channels of efficient Class D amplification
  • Very high power density in 2U rack height
  • Up to 20,000 Watts total power output, depending on load impedance
  • High performance 96kHz DSP on all inputs and outputs (48kHz on outputs when implementing FIR filters)
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Global mains operation, 85V to 240V auto-sensing
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, front panel interface
  • Analogue, AES3 and Dante™ digital audio network inputs
  • Ethernet network for system operation, control and monitoring via Martin Audio VU-NET™ software
  • Comprehensive protection and monitoring functions


The iK42 can deliver a full 5000 watts per channel into 2Ω with all channels driven while remaining highly efficient. Its high efficiency reduces the energy drawn from the mains supply and ensures the power reserves needed to deliver superb sound under arduous live conditions.

Ethernet is used for system remote control and monitoring via Martin Audio’s VU-NET software application, while a user friendly front panel interface allows full local control of all features. Dante digital audio network inputs are also provided for digital audio distribution and control.

Powerful DSP is fully integrated into the iK42 to provide a multitude of features that ensure maximum performance and worldwide compatibility of XE monitors. It also provides up to 1000 FIR filter taps @ 48kHz on each output channel, which is essential to implement DISPLAY’s wide bandwidth optimisation process in WP line array systems.

The iK42 employs comprehensive protection functions to maintain safe operating conditions of both the amplifier and the loudspeakers driven — including a sophisticated loudspeaker limiter suite which incorporates peak, RMS and excursion limiting, as well as multiband limiting for passive 2-way systems.

User guide Electronics Brochure Datasheet
TYPEFour-channel Class D amplifier
  • 5000W into 2Ω
  • 3000W into 4Ω
  • 1500W into 8Ω
  • 10000W bridged per channel pair, 4Ω
  • 1250W, 25V line
  • 3500W, 70V line
  • 5000W, 100V line
DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING96kHz/48kHz DSP on all inputs and outputs
COOLINGDual vari-speed fans, front-to-back airflow
Audio Inputs/Outputs
  • 4 x female
  • 4 x male Neutrik™ XLR
ANALOGUE INPUT IMPEDANCE20kΩ balanced to ground
AES3 IN/LINK (2 CHANNELS)1 x female, 1 x male Neutrik™ XLR, balanced
DANTE™ (4 CHANNELS) 2 x shielded RJ45, primary and secondary
AMPLIFIER OUTPUTS4 x Neutrik Speakon™ NL4
Audio Performance
  • >113dBA, analogue input
  • >114dBA AES/Dante™ input
FREQUENCY RESPONSE7Hz-30kHz (‐2.5dB points, 4Ω load)
TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION<0.05% typical @ 1kHz, 4Ω load
SLEW RATE>60V per microsecond
DAMPING FACTOR>800 at amplifier output, ref 8Ω
Control and Monitoring Network
Digital Signal Processing
SAMPLE RATE 96kHz (48kHz for FIR filter implementation)
  • 4 x analogue
  • 2 x AES
  • 4 x Dante™ inputs routable to four DSP drive modules
DRIVE MODULE INPUT DSPInput signal routing, delay, gain, HPF, Phase, Mute
EQ: 2 x low shelf, 6 x PEQ/bandpass and FIR shelving filters
DRIVE MODULE OUTPUT DSPSource, delay, gain, Phase, Mute, crossover filters, limiters
EQ: low shelf, 8 x PEQ / band pass and shelving filters
Power Supply
TYPEHigh performance Series Resonant
MAINS INRUSH CURRENT6A at 115V, 12A at 230V (max for <10ms)
MAINS CONNECTORNeutrik 32A Powercon™
DIMENSIONS(W) 483 x (H) 2U/89mm x (D) 357mm
(W) 19in x (H) 2U/3.5in x (D) 14.1in
(incl handles and optional rear support)
WEIGHT12.5kg (27.5lbs)
Architectural Specs
iKON iK42

The amplifier shall provide four channels of Class D amplification with 96kHz DSP (Digital Signal Processing) on all inputs and outputs. It shall have both analogue and AES3 digital inputs and shall incorporate capabilities for remote system control and monitoring via Ethernet. A front panel user interface with a backlit display shall provide local control.

It shall be equipped with four analogue input connectors, four analogue link connectors, a dual-channel AES3 input connector and a dual-channel AES3 link connector, as well as an Ethernet port. Dante™ digital audio network primary and secondary connectors shall also be provided for digital audio distribution and control. Four output connectors shall be of the Neutrik Speakon™ NL4 type, with output duplication within two connectors to facilitate bi-amp operation with a 4-core cable.

Analog inputs shall each have an input impedance of 20kΩ, electronically balanced to ground.

The amplifier shall be equipped with a switch mode power supply with auto-sensing global mains operation from 85 -240 V AC, 47 - 63Hz. Dual vari-speed fans with front-to-back airflow shall be employed for cooling and the amplifier shall incorporate comprehensive monitoring and protection functions to maintain safe operating conditions of both itself and the loudspeaker systems driven.

The output power shall be 4 x 5000W into 2 ohms with a crest factor of 4 (12dB), 4 x 3000W into 4 ohms with a crest factor of 2.8 (9dB) and 4 x 1500W into 8 ohms with a crest factor of 2 (6dB), all channels driven.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 483mm x 2U/89mm x 357mm (19in x 2U/3.5in x 14.1in). Weight shall be 12.5kg (27.5lbs).

The amplifier shall be the Martin Audio iKON iK42.

Martin Audio iKON iK42 Tech Drawing

Technical Drawings for iKON iK42.
All information is Copyright. Martin Audio Ltd.



Power & speaker distro - 3 PH 32A C-Form with 6 x NL4 / 3 x NL8 for use with 3 x IK42 ROW Spec


Power & speaker distro - 3 PH NEMA with 6 x NL4 / 3 x NL8 for use with IK42 US spec


Power & speaker distro - 3 PH NEMA with 6 x NL8 / 3 x SOCAPEX for use with 6 x IK42 US Spec


Rear rack ears for use with IKON Series amplifiers


9U Amp Rack
for 3 x IK Series amplifiers
ROW Spec


9U Amp Rack
for 3 x IK Series amplifiers
US Spec


1U Input distribution for AES, Network/Dante, 6 way CA-COM - ROW Spec


1U Input distribution for AES, Network/Dante, 12 way whirlwind - US Spec


0.4m NL4 biamp link 2.5mm cable for full range enclosures


1m NL4 biamp link 4mm cable for subs


15m NL4 biamp 4mm cable for subs


20m NL4 biamp 2.5mm cable for for full range enclosures


M Soca 8 way to 8 2 pole NL4 for use with 8 circuits of WPM


M Soca to 4 x biamp NL4 5m tails


M Soca to 2 x NL8 1m


NL8 to 4 x NL4 15m, with 2m breakout


15m soca M-F


8 port rack mount network switch


0.5m Cat 5 cable

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