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Amplifiers and Controllers

Completing the Circuit

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Top quality loudspeakers require top quality amplification and control.
Martin Audio offers just that with our power Amplifiers and System Controllers.

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Martin Audio Electronics – Completing the circuit.

With Martin Audio’s enviable reputation for producing loudspeakers with excellent performance and high durability it is no surprise that our name appears on an equally prestigious range of high quality amplifiers and controllers, offering optimised performance for our loudspeakers.

With models suited to both touring and installed audio environments our electronic audio components supply the uncompromising sonic performance and unquestionable reliability required by the most demanding of today’s sound reinforcement applications.

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Martin Audio iKON® iK42 Amplifier
iKON® iK42 Amplifier.


High Power
4-Channel Class D Amplifier

20,000 Watts RMS

Martin Audio iKON® iK81 Amplifier
iKON® iK81 Amplifier.


High Power
8 Channel Class D Amplifier

10,000 Watts RMS

VIA2004 Product Shot
VIA2004. Four-Channel Class D Amplifier.


4-Channel Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

250 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA2502 Product Shot
VIA2502. Two-Channel Class D Amplifier.


2-Channel Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

450 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA5002 Product Shot
VIA5002. Two-Channel Class D Amplifier.


2-Channel Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

1600 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA5004 Product Shot
VIA5004. Four-Channel Class D Amplifier.


4-Channel Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

450 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

System Controllers

DX4.0 Networked System Controller
DX4.0 Networked System Controller


Loudspeaker Controller
and System Matrix

Networked System Controller

U-Hub product shot
U-Hub. Ethernet to U-NET™ Bridge


Ethernet to
U-NET™ Bridge

Analogue and digital audio transport

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