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O-LineInstalled Sound


Micro-line Array with Scalable Resolution

O-Line [Front View with Grill]
O-Line [Front View without Grill]
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O-Line™ is an award-winning, aesthetically pleasing, modular micro line array designed for a wide variety of architectural applications – from houses of worship to transport terminals. It combines innovative acoustic design with powerful optimisation software to achieve optimum coverage with unprecedented accuracy over a pre-defined area.


  • Modular micro line array for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Software optimised array configuration for focussed sound energy
  • Additional DSP optimised functionality for increased coverage, consistency and control
  • Sidelobe-free vertical dispersion from the high frequency section
  • Ideal for high-quality music reproduction as well as speech
  • Architecturally sympathetic design for discreet deploymentt deployment


  • Houses of worship
  • Museums
  • Conference centres, auditoria and lecture theatres
  • Transport terminals, shopping malls and sports venues
  • Bars and Restaurants

In many applications an O-Line array can be driven using only one amplifier channel, with simple EQ and limiting the only processing required. It can now also be taken into a new dimension of coverage, consistency and control when used with an iK81, or with a combination of VIA2004 amplifier and DX4.0 controller, to independently control and power each individual enclosure. This unlocks the full potential of O-Line — further refining coverage consistency and increasing the ability to ‘dial-out’ the influence of the room by accessing DISPLAY’s ‘hard avoid’ capability and electronically adjustable coverage.

Unlike many DSP ‘steered’ columns, an O-Line array does not produce unwanted vertical sidelobes in the audio band. This is critical in reverberant environments as sidelobes firing above and below the array simply adds to the reverberant energy, impacting on intelligibility. O-Line’s ability to reproduce very high frequencies without sidelobes makes it the ideal solution for both full-range speech and music reproduction in reverberant spaces.

An O-Line array is finished in a neutral light grey that blends into the background of most architectural spaces with modular design in multiples of four cabinets. Sonically, it is very clean and musical, and capable of surprisingly high output levels for its very small size with 16 cabinets capable of an astonishing 134dB [peak] and a throw distance of up to 40 metres.

User guide Brochure Datasheet Measurement Data
Module Configuration
One Module4812Show All
One Module
TYPETwo-way micro-line array module
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (5)85Hz-20kHz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 76Hz
DRIVER2 x 3.5" (87mm)/1" (25mm) voice coil LF drivers
5 x 0.55" (14mm) soft dome tweeters
RATED POWER (2)50W AES, 200W peak
SENSITIVITY (8)84dB at LF rising to 92dB at HF
MAXIMUM SPL (9)104dB continuous, 110dB peak
DISPERSION (-6dB)100º horizontal, 5º vertical
CROSSOVER2.5kHz passive
ENCLOSURE4 litre ported cabinet, moulded in ABS
FINISHLight grey
PROTECTIVE GRILLELight grey perforated steel
CONNECTORS4 pole socket
PIN CONNECTIONS+/- in, +/- link out
FITTINGSCaptive inter-connecting bracket assembly
6 x M8 fixings for wall and flying brackets
DIMENSIONS(W) 246mm x (H) 115mm x (D) 198mm
(W) 9.7ins x (H) 4.5ins x (D) 7.8ins
WEIGHT3.6kg (7.9lbs)
4 Modules
Sensitivity (6)
Power handling(Watts, AES)
  • 200 cont.
  • 800 peak
Maximum SPL (cont./peak)116dB/122dB
Max Coverage Distance8-12m
Array length0.47m
Array mass14.4kg
8 Modules
Sensitivity (6)
Power handling(Watts, AES)
  • 400 cont.
  • 1600 peak
Maximum SPL (cont./peak)122dB/128dB
Max Coverage Distance16-25m
Array length0.94m
Array mass28.8kg
16 Modules
Sensitivity (6)
Power handling(Watts, AES)
  • 800 cont.
  • 3200 peak
Maximum SPL (cont./peak)128dB/134dB
Max Coverage Distance25-40m
Array length1.9m
Array mass57.6kg
Architectural Specs
Martin Audio O-Line

The loudspeaker shall be a passive two-way, micro line array module. The transducers shall consist of two 3.5” low frequency drivers and five closely-spaced 0.55” dome high frequency drivers coupled to a constant directivity horn. The low frequency transducers shall be sited in the horn walls and have cones with front surfaces that follow the wall contours.

The loudspeaker shall have 100° horizontal dispersion and 5° vertical dispersion. Vertical dispersion of the complete array shall be determined by a combination of the splay angles between adjacent enclosures and dedicated array control software. The on-axis frequency response shall be 85Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB and the loudspeaker shall produce a maximum SPL of 110dB peak at 1 metre.

Input connection shall be made via a 4-pole socket connector with link-out capability. Impedance of a single enclosure module shall be 16 ohms. Impedance of multiple modules shall depend on the specific series/parallel wiring configuration adopted for the installation.

The enclosure shall be constructed from ABS with drivers protected by a perforated steel grille. It shall incorporate an integral captive bracket to assemble an array of up to 24 modules for suspension from a dedicated flying bracket, or up to 16 modules for wall-mounting with a dedicated wall bracket.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 246mm x 115mm x 198m (9.7in x 4.5in x 7.8in). Weight shall be 3.6kg (7.9lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio O-Line.

Martin Audio O-Line Tech Drawing
Technical Drawings for O-Line.

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