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User Guides

Below you will find links to User Guides (where available) of our current portfolio of Loudspeakers and Electronics.

User Guides for Archived Products can be found here.



  • B218 (Not Available)
  • FH3 (Not Available)
  • FX10 (Not Available)
  • FX12 (Not Available)
  • FX15 (Not Available)

BlacklineX Asia


    Ceiling Series

    DD Series

    • DD6 (Not Available)

    LE Series


      MLA Compact

      MLA Mini



      • PI8 (Not Available)
      • PI10 (Not Available)
      • PI12 (Not Available)
      • PI15 (Not Available)
      • PI118 (Not Available)
      • PI218 (Not Available)


      • S.10 (Not Available)
      • S.12 (Not Available)
      • S.15 (Not Available)


      Sound Adventures

        TH Series


        • V.10 (Not Available)
        • V.12 (Not Available)
        • V.15 (Not Available)


          Wavefront Precision

          XD Series

          • XD12 (Not Available)
          • XD15 (Not Available)

          XE Series

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